8 Things to do while you are stuck at home due to Corona virus pandemic

Social distancing and staying at home is not just boring but mentally draining. Researchers have also said that avoiding communication with humans for a longer duration might lead to stress and depression. In these trying times, we have tried to come up with a list of things you can do to refresh and rejuvenate yourselves. Here we go!!


C - Connect with your friends virtually & play an online game together

Games like psych (Ellen Digital Ventures) bring back the good times with your friends and act as a breath of fresh air in these times.

O - Organize your wardrobe & indulge in cooking

Make judicious use of your time and organize your wardrobe while you are at home. To make things fun and learn a new skill, you can also try your hand at cooking.

R - Reminisce a travel experience through a blog

Following this social distancing from other people can make us feel lonely. But use this time to jot down your best moments exploring new places and meeting new people. This will give you more strength during these times. Medium is a great platform to start your blogging journey.

O - Organically grow plants at home

Give something back to nature by using this time to grow plants. Sites like Ugaoo provide home delivery of plants and pots which can be grown at home.

N - Nostalgically begin a long forgotten hobby

Reading books, watching movies on Netflix, painting and you name it. Recollect your childhood and what was your favorite hobby. Go for it!

A - Accumulate all your favorite songs into one earth shattering playlist

Make your life interesting by making a list of songs you enjoyed and create a playlist. You can use apps like Spotify, saavn and wynk to help you create it.

G - Groove on your favorite dance moves and join live online sessions

Companies like Cult Fit have come up with the concept of online dance and fitness sessions. Join them to break the monotony and also burn tons of calories.

O - ‘Old is Gold’ moments by revisiting your childhood photo albums

When was the last time you looked at the photo albums of your childhood. Bring back those old memories with your family and smile on your face by digging into some photo albums.

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