Breaking the lifestyle for a relief is a great idea. And deciding to spend time on a beach side seems to be an ideal plan to get away from the world. Here are a list of Beaches near the city of Bangalore that crates an adventurous long drive away from the crowd and the city with busy people.


  • Situated in God’s Own Country, Kerala, and the Kozhikode Beach is a quiet and calm place with amazing sunset views to enjoy a vacation spot with. The place is famous for its various types of foods, such as Biriyani and Kozhikode special sweets and mainly the seafood dishes. And while visiting the Kozhikode Beach, it is a must to taste the deliciousness of the food served.

Distance From Bangalore: 313Km


This amazing 6Km long beach is an apt place for a vacation in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The Marina Beach is considered as one among the most crowded and prominent area of tourist attraction. The beach provides an amazing view of the sea touching the Bay of Bengal waters. Beach Walk along this 6 Km long beach is worth a trial in the list of beaches. It gives a really good view for Photo shoots and also horse rides are available.
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Another excellent location of beach in Chennai is the Elliot’s Beach which is also known as the Edward Elliot’s Beach, which is located at one of the end point of the Marina Beach’s shore. It is considered to be one of the safest and cleanest beaches among all. This solitude ideal place is not crowded compared to the Marina Beach.
Distance From Bangalore:


Tannirbhavi Beach is situated in Mangalore. It is said to be one among the most paradisiacal beaches in Mangalore. The beach definitely provides an amazing ambience with various activities going on around. There are various water sports such as speed boating and jets skiing that are available in a wide range.
Distance From Bangalore:


Rewarding a warm and comfortable ambience near the seabody, Auroville Beach is situated in Pondicherry.  This sun warming popular beach provides us the chance to witness an idealistic view of the sunrise which creates a breath taking moment.
Distance From Bangalore:


A perfect destination in one of the best scenic location situated in Udupi district of Karnataka. The beach provides a variety of adventurous sports and activities such as Kayaking, Jet Skiing, Surfing and a lot more that attracts a lot of crowd to the destination.
Distance From Bangalore:


Gokarna is situated in Kumta, of Karnataka. It is a small town known for its temples and the several beaches situated nearby. The beaches provide a breathtaking view from the shore of each beach. The most happening, crowd and famous out of the beaches in Gokarna is the OM beach, namely known due to the OM shape it is structured when seen from the top of the hill that gives an amazing view of the co joining of both the OM and Kudle beaches.
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Gokarna Halfmoon beach
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