Every moment in a cooperate is worth the time. Each inch of the productivity is counted not just for any professional hike, but also to a certain level of satisfaction as well. As counted through each cooperate time, the time counted with the team is precious as well. It is hence a necessity to bond up with your cooperate teams in the world outside with a little fun as well to increase the enjoyment level declining the stress and the work pressure. And there begins the outings with the team member programme, with no worries, no pressures and a happy go free to be yourself moment.


Distance from Bangalore: 25Km
Unlimited fun on rides

known for the place of fun and fun only with not much information needed about it. What else can be replaced for a day in WonderLa is not another fun day given not just with the art of entertainment but also with an addition to the taste of variety of flavours as well that thrills around a table.


Distance from Bangalore: 22Km
Rafting and Building, Zip lining, Rope Traversing, Water Sports

For another amazing day off work with the exact pressurised team. Adventurously known for its high rope events, wall climbing and the effective sport filled activities added on with the cottages and the other ideal amenities. A place, any cooperate employ could put themselves into the fun and activities.


Distance from Bangalore: 5Km
The Great Igloo Experience

Relief into the experience of ice not a journey to Antarctica but in the city of Bangalore for an amazing one day outing. Slide into the run of playful moments climbing the wall of the iced inner walls and the igloo. It’s just another decent place to frost your professional thoughts along with your intact team.


Distance From Bangalore: 25 Km
Indoor and Outdoor Sports, Team Building Activities – Blind Walk, Roller Coaster, Pyramid Building

One among the perfect cooperate team outing places in Bangalore for a lovely stay with the greenish gallery of the peaceful place. Filled up with the top activity that boosts the teams and the non working sessions provided. An ideal place for the amazing cooperate outings with the friendly facilities provided and a large lawn that could be used to conduct any large events and sports activist.


Distance from Bangalore: 38 Km
Events: Go-Karting, Rain Dance, Conference Facility, Underground Cave, Swimming Pool, Water Fall, And Amphitheatre.

Deadlines and the pressure are given a break with the exact self time needed. Guhantara Resort is a perfect spot for the team bonding outside the busy cooperate world. This 3 star property, an exclusive resort of cave is located in Kanakpura Road with the lively activities highlighting along with its events. Await the top vacation organizer with the best packages.


Distance from Bangalore: 267 Km

Best Time: October – March with a 2 day stay.
Events :
White river rafting, Abbey Falls, Nagarhole National Park

Consisting of the various outgoing events and the activities that is another suitable run away from the weekend and the cooperate life. Coorg, known as the Scotland of India, provides the excellent art of tourism with the naturalistic gallery and the facilities around.


Distance from Bangalore: 38 Km
Events: Kayaking, Trekking, Canoeing

A chance to seize those tiresome memories from the boring daily routines of the work and create the opportunity with the chance of creating a bond with the team. Providing a location close to the adventurous atmosphere to a refreshing naturalistic surrounding and making it the perfect outing for the team out of the busy world. An option of various activities creating a bonding with activities such as kayaking, zip-lining and more of the outdoor games and much more awaiting.

Ride to BR HillsMarch 6th & 7th, 2021