Hill Stations are a beauty to relax with on the weekends to avoid all those stress and frustration due to the pressure at work or in life. It is one among the best feeling to capture a moment of the naturalistic view with one’s own naked eyes, when it comes to the perfect frame of light in nature. Here are lists that must be a bucket list added to visit these wonderful hill stations near Bangalore for exploring the city of wonders for a really short or another long adventurous and amazing memorable trip.



Savandurga is one of the largest monoliths in the world. It is an ideal place popular for the trekking activities it provides. This amazing hill includes the variety of 2 hills named, Karigudda – The Black Hill and Billigudda – The White Hill.
Distance From Bangalore :
Elevation :


In every list added is the nearest frequent hill station in Bangalore is Nandi Hills, covering a large area of view. Nandi Hills is known for the splendid view it gives of the city from the top. And above all, the sunrise is the best frame captured from this extravagant hill. Nandi Hills is also known for the situation of Tipu Sultan’s palace that was used during the British Rule and many convicts were thrown off the cliff as a punishment to their crimes.
Distance From Bangalore : 60Km
Elevation : 1,478M


This amazing hill is known to the place where Bhima killed Bakasura. Kunti Betta Known for the night trekking point, under the mesmerising view of the twinkling starts and the camp fire. It is noted from between the two rocky hills that are surrounded by the paddy fields and the naturalistic view.
Distance from Bangalore : 123Km
Elevation : 878M


Coorg, also known as Kodagu is famous not just for the amazing ambience created by the climate in the hill stations but also for the coffee and the spice plantations. Coorg is a calm and silent region with the various hilly places and other places to visit during the trip or stay.
Distance From Bangalore :
Elevation :


Wayanad, derived from “Vayal Nadu”, meaning the land of Paddy fields is situated in the northern eastern region of Kerala. The greenery and the scenic view of the nature from the hill station add to the beauty of the hill station. The wild life existence in the forest area of Wayanad is an immensely amazing view.
Distance From Bangalore : 280Km
Elevation : 2100M


Situated in the district of Chikkamagaluru, Kudremukh is the peak on its mountain range. It is known for its waterfalls nearby, the green forests, that creates an ideal location for a trip to a hill station along with one of the best trekking and hiking experiences. Kudremukh is also declared as a tiger reserve region, which means that the area is densely a forest area with the wild animals living in it.
Distance From Bangalore : 331Km
Elevation : 1,894M


Another idyllic Hill Station located in the splendid place of Idukki District, in the state of Kerala. Munnar is famous for its exotic greenish hills and the amazing large tea estates situated in the place. The place provides a really glad weather apt to go on any trip or stay with suitable stays and activities. Munnar is also known for its beauty of nature with the valleys, wild life and the forest area.
Distance From Bangalore : 438Km
Elevation : 1,532M