Difference between kayaking and Rafting- MOW

Kayaking and Rafting- are both water adventure activities that have driven people to exploration! Both of these activities have their own thrills. However, both these terms are not interchangeable. While both are water sports, there is a line of difference between both these crazy activities.
While rafting is conducted on an inflated raft
designed to carry several people at the same down in the wild waters, kayaking involves an elongated boat which is thinner and carries lesser number of people.
While rafting has always been a very adventurous sports, Kayaking was initially a mode of transport for people in several areas. Kayaking works in a rotating form which allows the controller to gain proper momentum.
Rafting involves various classes or levels based on difficulty and involves avoiding various hazards of water like rocks and waves. Interestingly, kayak was initially a fishing boat but presently it is mostly used as a recreational activity.
In kayaking it’s generally a single person rowing it whereas in rafting it allows almost upto 10 people to row together in a rhythm.
If someone wants to experience a certain serenity and connect with nature, one should definitely try kayaking but if someone is longing for some crazy adventure and thrill, rafting is the sport they are looking for.
Both these sports involve a great deal of team work and coordination and thus are used as team building sports in many corporate getaways.
These two water sports should be in every adventure lovers’ bucket list because they provide immense excitement and thrill!
However when it comes to safety, many experts say that kayaking is more dangerous than Rafting solely because rafting always involves more than one person who can help others in times of need. Also, the streamlined body of the kayak can also drive it faster in a water with high current thereby bringing a sign of threat.
A kayak generally uses a double bladed paddle whereas a raft uses a single bladed one.
Both these sports have races under their categories that are really interesting to participate in and watch as well.
So if this has ignited the interest in you to explore any of the two activities, you should definitely try them out because it’s a lifetime experience.
Many tour organisers in Bangalore and other places keep these activities as the main highlight of their trip because of all the excitement that it adds to the trip!
So try any of these activities now and understand the thrill of the waters!

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