The city of Mysuru is located in the foothills of the Chamundi Hills. The city of Mysuru served to be the capital city of the Mysuru Kingdom for almost 6 centuries till the year 1956. Mysuru is a highly noted city for its structure of the architecture of the tradition, the palaces of the existed Kingdom, and above all, the crowded and the most celebrated festival of the city, Dasara, which attracts a major crowd from around the world to witness the amazing view of the festival.

This spectacular city is popularly known as the City Of The Palaces. It is an always common destination that enhances the beauty in another level with its heritage and the architecture. Namely the third largest city in Karnataka, this city provides the magnificent story from the culture and the history through the various attracted sites seen within it.

Mysuru is famous for its notable structure and heritage foundation of palaces including the Mysore Palace. Moreover, the time during the festival, Dasara, is when the whole city of Mysuru would be completely lit. Mysuru is famous for its sweet named Mysore Pak, Mysore Masala Dosas, Sandals, Ink, silk sarees and much more products of origin.

How to reach MYSORE?

The city of Mysore has the airport, also known as the Mandakalli Airport, which is well connected to the major cities like, Goa, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai with 1 terminal for the domestic needs.
There are buses available from the cities as well as the other places that connect the road to Mysore well from any corner via road.
The Mysore Junction Railway Station is the station that serves on the railway lines between Mysore. Hence, there are direct connections to Mysore, creating better and easier routes to the city of Mysore from any other cities of the country.

  • From Bangalore to MYSORE
    The distance between Bangalore and Mysore is 144Km, which is a journey of almost 3 hours via road and varies according to the route taken. There are direct flights available from Bangalore Airport to Mysore Airport.
    There are direct trains available from different stations in Bangalore to Mysuru Junction Railway Station.
    There are Government as well as Private buses available from Bangalore to the city of Mysore.
  • From Mumbai to MYSORE
    The distance between Mumbai and Mysore is around 1045Km which takes almost 19 hours of journey via road.
    There are flights available to the airport from Mumbai or a flight can be taken till Bangalore from Mumbai and then travel through bus or train.
    There are trains available from Mumbai to Mysore which would take almost 23 hours of journey.
  • From Hyderabad to MYSORE
    The distance between Hyderabad to Mysuru is 726 Km, which takes a journey of almost 12 hours via road.
    There are Non-Stop as well as connected flights available from Hyderabad Airport to Mysore Airport.
    There are private travel buses available from Hyderabad to Mysore with a travel of almost 13 and half hours.


Things to do and the best places to visit in MYSORE?

The best place to visit in the whole of Mysore would be the Mysore Palace, the residence that belongs to the Royal family of Mysore. It still stands as a majestic view to the eye. It is an extraordinary work of architecture and culture, counted to be one amongst the biggest palaces in the country. It is counted to be one among the most beautiful work of Indian architecture and the pride. It was the official residence of the Dynasty.

Spread across 60 acres of land; this beauty was structures after the Shalimar gardens of Kashmir. It has been built across the Kaveri River.

This temple is built on top of the Chamundi Hills in the 12th century, which is about 3500ft above the hill. The main attraction of this temple is the silver plated entrance and the gold idol.

Considered being one of the best zoological gardens in India with an area of around 157 acres of land. This zoo gives home to variety of species of birds, mammals and reptiles. The zoo was built near the palace for the Royal family.

What are the happening places in MYSORE?

The most happening place in Mysore is during the season of Dasara. Thousands of people come from various corners of the world to witness this lighted festival that gets crowded with all the native and foreign people. The 10 day festival lights up the whole location for celebration.

Thousands of lights are illuminated during Sunday nights and on holidays on the Mysore Palace, which provides an extravagant and majestic look to the structure of the magnificent palace. It lights up really bright in the dark sky at night, which makes it glow with the deep dark background.

The garden, which is spread across 60 acres of land, provides a mesmerising look during the night with the dancing fountain. It consists of variety of colours and laser flashes. The water spreads across creating a dancing movement along with the music. This energetic blast of the choreographed dance of the water with the lights and music brings a different vibe within the audience.

How safe is MYSORE as a solo women traveller?

This well connected place is a safe and calm place for any solo travellers. The road systems are connected well with the major roads and cities. Thousands of tourists arrive in this place for their vacations and has proved to be a safe place for solo women travellers.

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