Agumbe, the nestled with thick forest, is situated in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. Though this small beautiful village is populated with around 500 people, providing limited tourist attraction, this highly dense forest is a highly spotted place for tourist attraction with the major platform for trekking, amazing photogenic photographic gallery and also along with the promotion of cottage industry. The economy on this village is farming system along with the growth of rice and areca. It is well stocked with the waterfalls attracting the travellers. This village is also known as the “Cherrapunji of the South”. There are various spectacular places to visit in Agumbe, where eye meets the nature through its various forms of beauty. The dense rainforest here is said to be the home for variety of the flora and fauna in the world. Being known for its wildlife, this place is specially known for the species of King Cobra. Other wild species like the Leopards and the Tigers are also well spotted within the rainforest. The best time to visit this amazing place is suggested to be between the months of October to February.

How to reach AGUMBE?

It is possible to reach the place through various forms of transport, providing way through air, rail and road. The nearest airport to the location is the Mangalore Airport, which is about 95Km away. The nearest railway station is the Udupi Railway Station, which is almost 50 Km away from the village of Agumbe. There are various connected as well as direct buses from various major cities.

From Bangalore to AGUMBE
The distance between Bangalore and Agumbe is almost 350Km, which is almost a travel of six to seven hours and varies in the distance and time according to the route taken.

The nearest airport to Agumbe is the Mangalore Airport, which is 95Km away. There are possible flights daily from Bangalore to Mangalore airport.
The nearest railway station to Agumbe is in Udupi, which is 50Km away and the second one is in Shimoga, which is almost 90Km away from Agumbe. From the distant places, the availability of autos and taxis are fair enough to reach the destination of Agumbe.

From Mumbai to AGUMBE
The distance between Mumbai and Agumbe is a distance of 832Km, which is almost 14 and a half hour drive via road.
There are flights from Mumbai to Mangalore Airport as well as Bangalore Airport and it’s always up to one to take a road trip or a train either from Bangalore or Mangalore.
The nearest railway station to Agumbe is the Udupi Railway Station, which is around 50Km away from Agumbe. There are direct trains available from the Mumbai Railway Station to Udupi Railway Station and to the Shimoga Railway Station, there are autos and taxis available towards the village of Agumbe.

From Hyderabad to AGUMBE
The distance between Hyderabad and Agumbe is a distance of 725Km, which is almost 14 hours of drive via the road, and varying on the transport taken.
There are flights from Hyderabad to Mangalore Airport as well as Bangalore Airport. There are direct flights to Mangalore Airport.
The nearest railway station to Agumbe is the Udupi Railway Station, which is around 50Km away from Agumbe. There are trains available from the Mumbai Railway Station to Udupi Railway Station and to the Shimoga Railway Station.

Things to do in AGUMBE – Is Definitely To Visit The Best Places

In a place like Agumbe, the place beyond nature, it is definitely being in the lap of the beauty of nature. Agumbe provides the exact memory of nature through its creation on the various places.

The elevation of the Barkana Falls is about the height of 850ft. The water fall of this Barkana fall is the complete formation from the Seeta River. There are amazing treks available throughout the mesmerising rainforest.

Situated in the rainforest of Agumbe, this amazing waterfall was named after a saint or a yogi, who had been using the place for the meditation. The water falls with various multiple folds within the height, adding to its beauty.

The muddy trails through the path towards the waterfall is an amazing view to the eye. It is always the best to move to this place for the view during the months of November to February, since the waterfall gets completely dried up during the season of summer.

Agumbe’s sunset point is one among the best sunset points that is gives a mesmerising view. An extravagant view of the sun slipping into the wonderful beauty of the Arabian Sea is a breathtaking moment from the top of one of the highest peak in the Western Ghats.

This renowned research institute is situated within the rainforest of Agumbe. This amazing place houses many sanctuaries. The rainforests here are famous mainly for the King Cobra.

How safe is AGUMBE as a solo women traveller?

This place is amazingly safe for everyone and anyone to travel. There are various solo women travellers who travel to this place. There are safe home stays provided for the women as well, where, it’s all the family feeling. It’s definitely an adventure spot for solo travellers.


The place is a complete natural place, where it is safe for any tourist to explore the nature and also stay. This beautiful place provides various home stay options for the travellers with the best service served with the most delicious native and traditional food.

Which is the best beach in AGUMBE?

Though it cannot be called to a beach, the multiple waterfalls are the best to visit while being in Agumbe. It definitely provides a really good and adventurous trip. Certain of the waterfalls are situated within the rainforest, which is up to the traveller to explore. There are various trek points available for any adventure seeker.