Observed as a region for the ecotourism, spiritual studies and meditation, Bir Billing is a village that is located in the West area of Joginder Nagar Valley in the North Indian State of Himachal Pradesh. Bir is known widely as the Paragliding Capital of India. There are various adventurous activities that take place in this region.


Paragliding is the most famous adventurous activity that is carried out in this place without any second thought. It provides an amazing glimpse of the colours of the sky as one takes up the adventure. It is carried out at an elevation of 2000M in the sky, which is a complete adventurous thing to try in life. March to May and October to November is considered to be the best duration to take up this sport activity as the climate during this particular period is considered to be pleasant enough for the purpose of Paragliding. One must also try visiting the take off site of the paragliding.


After the adventurous sport of paragliding, hand gliding is definitely the second most popular sport to do. Some different about this activity compared to that of Paragliding is that, it requires extra training and physical and health activities to be carried out before the activity is considered with proper training.


The name Toy Train would always fancy anyone who hears about it. Covering over a distanceof160Km starting from the Joginder Nagar crosses over ten stations gives an amazing view of the region.  This amazing journey takes one through the wooden bridges, the shiny flowing rivers and the spectacular sparkling villages. One must plan beforehand itself in order to have a proper enjoyment through the journey in the toy train.


Recognised as the place for the spiritual studies and meditation, there are various holy temples and one among them is Sherab Ling Monastery. It is surrounded by the forests. It is a monastic seat in exile situated outside Tibet.


Being one of the top places in the Northern state of Himachal Pradesh, Trekking is definitely one of the best things to be done in Bir Billing. There are various places within Bir Billing where, one could try putting the activity of the adventurous Trekking.


Really a thrilling and an adventurous kind of activity is mountain biking, which requires one to be confident enough to take a ride. The rides through the hilly areas and the mountain regions are an absolute task which is recommended only for the brave heart, to try this with the expert riders along. The Rocky Mountains are a task filled path than the normal road taken.


The Bir River is an absolute experience the one wants to let have peace in while having a walk besides the Bir River. The view of the flow of the water through the area and the surrounding would give a tendency to take a walk on its banks.