In the amazing trip to Coorg, there are various things that should be done and various visits to several places.
Quad Biking is an amazing adventurous sport that must be experienced while in Coorg. There are various other activities such as cycling, biking and other off road and on road adventurous sports that could make ones day fulfilled.
Micro light Flying and River Rafting are the other set of enjoyments that are vastly available for an amazing adventure trip to Coorg.



Coorg is an amazing district also known as Kodagu. The Kingdom of Kodagu was taken over by the British East India Company, who later named the place of Kodagu as “Coorg”.  Coorg is famous for and there are various adventurous trek spots in Coorg that trails for an extravagant trip as well as for the amazing ambience created by the climate in the hill stations but also for the coffee and the spice plantations.

How to reach COORG?

Coorg is a definite and an easily accessible location with the availability of all types of transports. The nearest airport to Coorg is the Mangalore International Airport, which is 135Km away. There is an extensive connection of railway network and the nearest Railway Station is in Mysore, which is 120Km away. By road transport is easily available in various vehicles such as car, bike, bus etc.

  1. From Bangalore to COORG
    The distance between Bangalore and Coorg is 250 Km which is almost 5 Hours of journey by road and it varies depending on the means of travel.
  2. From Mumbai to COORG
    The distance between Mumbai and Coorg is around 1,027Km which is a journey of 19 hours by road. The easiest availability is by flight to Mangalore International Airport and by the means of road from there.
  3. From Hyderabad to COORG
    The distance between Hyderabad and Coorg is 833Km, which is a journey of almost 14 hours. There are no direct bus services, hence exchange of buses are required if government transport bus is being used for the purpose of the journey.

What are the best places to visit in COORG?

  1. The best places to visit while on the visit to Coorg are many and few among them are :The Coffee
  2. Plantations: Coorg contributes 60% of India’s coffee production and hence Coorg is renowned for the production of the coffee and the plantations. This sight is worth seeing as its fascinating on the fresh estates.
  3. Nagarhole National Park: The dense forests here give shelter to various species of animals, birds and also plants. This park is famous for conducting the spotting of wildlife and the short journey of safari among the animals though the forest.
  4. Abbey Falls: One of the most famous and chilling view of waterfall is undoubtedly one among the best place to visit in Coorg. It creates a really good ambience for sightseeing with family and trekking activity.
  5. Various Restaurants: There are multiple restaurants that create a fall of love to the deliciousness of the dish served with the inculcation of satisfaction. Visiting various multi cuisine restaurants is a must on the visit to Coorg for experiencing the culture in their food.
  6. Golden Temple: Also known as the Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery is one of the major Buddhist Monasteries in the country. It experiences and explores the culture, tradition and the environment of Coorg and is a home to almost 3000 monks. It is famous as the largest Buddhist Monastery that exists.

What are the happening places in COORG?

Apart from the amazing view of the waterfalls, other places that could be visited during the trip are Raja’s Seat, Cauvery Nisargadhama, The Dubare Reserve Forest & Elephant Camp, Brahmagiri Peak, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary and much more to go with.

How safe is COORG as a solo women traveller?

The safety level in Coorg for solo women travellers is really good. One just has to enjoy the mesmerising climate and the view on the hill station and the various other places in the place. It is always better to stay at selected places to get a better comfort of stay.

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