Encircled with the cedar forests on the border of the Himalayas, this amazing hillside is a city. That is the home to The Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government in exile. Dharamshala is renowned as the place with the distinctive nature of culture and tradition.  This amazing place is also known as “Little Lhasa” because of the huge number of the Tibetan settlements. It is situated at an average elevation of 1,457 meters above the sea level.


Camping has always been an amazing experience when it’s in and around the beauty of the incredible nature.

With the crystal clear sky and the pleasant air to breath, campfire has become an experience of the emotion. There are seasonal periods accordingly to the change in the weather for a perfect camping spot. And hence, one must always make sure they go at the right timing.


An adventurous day is added up with a finishing touch when a splendid view is added to it. The hilly terrains located in the area provide great experience in gliding. The best time to participate in this amazing sport is recommended to be in the season of summer as it provides a better control over the wind.


Embrace the peace in oneself by exploring the beauty of the Dal Lake, which is located in the Dal Lake- McLeod Ganj Road, to the North of Dharamshala. The place consists of a sacred temple of Lord Shiva popularly known among the local people. The place is surrounded by the vast deodar trees near the lake. To move with ease and for a clearer weather, the best time to visit this scenic place is during the seasons of summer and spring.


Indulging in the act of meditation, the beauty qualifies with the quiet monastery creates the calmness in the complete place. With the premium tantric college, it is a very important monastery in the Buddhist Heritage. This place can be visited during any time of the year.


To get with one of the most attracted sceneries of the nature, Kangra Valley is a wonderful region that provides a wide range of activities to be experienced with. The activities consist of bird watching, rock climbing, trekking and various other adventurous activities. The valley provides another sight of uniqueness throughout the seasons.


Cycling is one the best ways to explore the whole town with oneself with no tension. Exploring not just the nature but the places with interaction among the people as well helps the explorers to learn more about the people and the culture of the destination.


The perfect place to get an insight about the tradition, culture and the spiritual knowledge.  There is a museum situated within the complex, where the Tibetan history is showcased with. The history of the Tibetan culture is indeed a varied knowledge to seek about.


Shopping in Dharamshala offers a peaceful wardrobe to the travellers to add up to their shopping bucket list. Other than the enriching insight into the culture and the tradition of the place, it also offers the travellers with the amazing works and products of sculptures, handicrafts etc.  There are several places like the Kotwali Bazaar, Tibetan Handicraft Centre etc that provides a wonderful experience to the visitors.