Take the round boat to the hippie side of Hampi known as Hippie Island, where you get various experiences waiting for you across the river, which is a major tourist attraction with a vibrant culture and stay there in the huts available.
Visit the Vittala Temple. There are 56 pillars of the temple that creates musical notes when touched with a thumb and hence they are known as musical pillars.
Queen’s Bath, is a rectangular building which is huge, that was made with corridors all around for the Royal Bath during the Emperor’s reign.


About Hampi

It is the centre if the Vijayanagara Empire in the 14th century. There are various temples situated in this particular place, with each temple having its own speciality. It is a World Heritage Site recorded under by the UNESCO, which is also known as Group of Monuments. There is also a notable temple named Vittala Temple, which has a number of 56 musical pillars which has musical notes emerging out of the pillars that are produced when struck with your fingers. 

It is in the remembrance of the Empire that was forgotten long ago. Hampi is another reality of gorgeousness that shows the beauty even in the destructed pieces.

How to reach HAMPI?

The lost empire of Hampi is situated in the east of central Karnataka. Nearest airport to Hampi is in Bellary, which is 60Km away. And there are no direct train connections as well but the nearest is Hospet.

  1. From Bangalore to Hampi
    The distance between Bangalore and Hampi is 343Km and varies depending on the route taken by road. There are daily 2 trains available till Hospet from Bangalore which takes around 7-9 hours of journey.
  2. From Mumbai to Hampi
    The distance between Mumbai to Hampi is 743Km, which takes 14 hours of journey by road. Direct train from Mumbai to Hampi is available twice in a week and the journey takes 18 hours.
  3. From Hyderabad to Hampi
    The distance between Hyderabad to Hampi is 378Km and the journey takes around 8 hours via road and varies depending on the route taken. There are daily trains available from Hyderabad to Hampi which takes a journey of around 11 hours by train.

What are the best places to visit in HAMPI?

There are various amazing places to visit in the lost city of Hampi. As there are several pieces of the historical monuments and the other temples, the places to visit in this sacred place are the temples due to its various reasons and specialities.

VIRUPAKSHA TEMPLE: It is the main of all the temples that is in fact visible from all direction from all over the area. The beautiful golden tower is the important part to visit.

THE MONKEY TEMPLE: Known to be the birth place of Hanuman, the Hindu Mythological monkey warrior god.

What are the happening places in HAMPI?

Usual but the unusual happenings around this place are the elephant bathing scene, which is a ritual according to the belief. And several other activities can be bird watching, the availability of weeds and much more excited about this place.

How safe is HAMPI as a solo women traveller?

Hampi, being the heritage site is definitely a safe place to travel for a solo women traveller with the complete freedom. The travel around this place is a wonderful experience which creates a really safe environment for women travellers with plenty of stay options as well with cottages and huts etc as the minute options with other luxury stays as well. Sooty availability is vast.

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