Kasauli is a small hill town, located in the Solan district of the Indian state, Himachal Pradesh. Kasauli is located at an elevation of 1,800M above sea level nestled among the picturesque hills. It also has various places such as the Christ Church and Baptist Church, which are from the colonial era.


The beauty of the region is summarised through the eyes of the journey by the toy train. It is one of the valued heritages of the place of Kasauli, which comes under the heritage list. It is a four hour journey that provides each minute of interesting look at the dramatic green forests, the snow covered mountains through the tunnels as well.


One of the top adventurous treks in the nation, the trekking through Kalka Kasauli is a total stretch of 26Km of distance. This rejuvenating experience is another level of experience that should be explored once in the life added to the bucket list.


Known to be one of the most attraction location among the travellers, adventure seekers and the photographers who visit the place of Parwanoo, which is situated in Kasauli. It provides a 10 minutes ride which covers around 1.8Km of distance. The ride gives the astonishing view from the top like one is on their own wings in the sky above.


It is the highest point of the town, which gives an extremely excellent view of the region around. The astonishing Sutlej River is also seen from the top of this region, which is also another major attraction for the photographers to be at this place.  It is believed by the people here that while carrying the Sanjeevani herb, the foot of  Lord Hanuman touched this spot.


It is the sunset point in Kasauli, which provides excellent views over from the misty hills of the dawn and the view of the city. The name Hawa Ghar was given to this place due to the cool and the consistent air that is felt in this area.


Located on a small hillock in Subathu in, the Gurkha Fort is an old historical fort, surrounded by the forest area. It is located at an elevation of 1371M above sea level.  With The Gurkha Fort being one of the most important, there are various other buildings that are the remains from the British Era as well.


Let it be the beginning, in between, throughout or may be even at the end of any journey, shopping is always in ones list, knowingly or unknowingly. The Mall Road provides amazing collection of various ranges of products, which is a must to be done activity while being in Kasauli. The road is not just for the shopping lovers, but also provides various other spaces with various cafes serving varieties of taste from the local cuisines also.


No journey is felt complete without tasting the cuisines of the local area. Trying the food there, the Tibetan flavours in this place is definitely one of the best things to do in Kasauli. There are varieties of Tibetan food items that one must not leave the place without trying it on their taste buds.