Kullu, also known by the name Kulu is the capital town of Kullu district which is located on the banks of Beas River. It is located around 40Km away from Manali. Kullu is famous for its majestic hills, temples with varied features. The extraordinary landscapes and the peaceful places here are filled with the distinct style and the culture.
Kullu is famous for the adventurous activities such as the mountaineering, paragliding, river rafting, trekking etc. this town marks the starting point for various trekking activities, as it is one of the major attractions in the place.


Every trek follows a beautiful path that fills the trekker’s mind full with. In Kullu, trekking is not just for a particular spot. But, it is the beauty of each and every location of the trek point that mesmerises the travellers with.
There are various trek points to explore within this small place.

The Prashar Lake is surrounded by Dhauladhar in the Kullu Valley. It is a blue water lake which is a wonderful site in the district of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. The lake was named after the sage Prashar, who is believed to have meditated in this very place during the ancient times. The trek through this particular route is followed with wonderful track on the way through the forest area and several other water streams as well.

Himachal Pradesh, being one of the most visited places provides us with the wonderful sights of the Himalayas. Malana is a beautiful place situated near Kasol that is a suitable spot for another weekend trekking point adventure. The trek is indeed a different experience through the forests and the hilly village roads and the Parvati River.

Another adventure to seek and experience the thrilling moments, Kheer Ganga is endowed with one of the most fascinating landscape, which makes it a perfect destination to the adventure seekers. The place is also a pilgrimage location, where it is believed that Karthik, the son of Lord Shiva had meditated in this very place for almost 1000years, according to the belief.


Flying like a bird with the freedom from above in the blue sky admiring the nature is a scene worth experiencing. Kullu is known for the aero sport activities conducted here that gains a lot of attractions from the travellers and adventure seekers.


This breathtaking activity is followed in the mighty river, which is a different level of experience. This thrilling journey through the water has emerged to be one of the most loved adventurous water sports.


Cycling is one of the most reviving occurrences for any traveller. It gives the travellers the freedom to know the nature and the place in a better way. To experience Kullu, exercising in and around the town on the cycle tour is definitely one of the best things to do in Kullu.


The Parvati Valley runs towards the east from the point where the Parvati River and River Beas converges. Chilling by the riverside with the perfect picturing of the mountains, it becomes a paradise to many. There are various trekking points that are located near the Parvati Lake as well.

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