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Nandi Hills

To another amazing ride beginning in the early morning. This beauty is a proper destination among the travellers, with a 60km ride from Bangalore for a real adventure of the short ride. A great choice for a short one day trip.

Distance from Bangalore: 60 Km

It is the ancient hill fortress built by the Ganga Dynasty and were strengthened by Tipu Sultan. It gives an amazing view during the sunrise of the hills surrounded and the town around it. And the best time to explore the Nandi Hills is in the early morning before sunrise for the amazing view in between the foggy weather. Nandi Hills was known as The Hill of Happiness during the Chola Period.  There is another place called as the Tipu Drop, which was known that Tipu Sultan used to drop the traitors and those who were help captives.


Distance from Bangalore: 150Km

 The spectacular city that is popularly known as the City Of The Palaces. It is an always common destination that enhances the beauty in another level with its heritage and the architecture. Namely the third largest city in Karnataka, this city provides the magnificent story from the culture and the history through the various attracted sites seen within it.

Mysuru is famous for its notable structure and heritage foundation of palaces including the Mysore Palace. Moreover, the time during the festival, Dasara, is when the whole city of Mysuru would be completely lit. Mysuru is famous for its sweet named Mysore Pak, Mysore Masala Dosas, Sandals, Ink, silk sarees and much more products of origin.


In the remembrance of the Empire that was Forgotten long ago. Hampi is another reality of gorgeousness that shows the beauty even in the destructed pieces.

Distance From Bangalore: 350Km

It is a World Heritage Site recorded under by the UNESCO, which is also known as Group of Monuments. It is the centre if the Vijayanagara Empire in the 14th century. There are various temples situated in this particular place, with each temple having its own speciality. There is also a notable temple named Vittala Temple, which has a number of 56 musical pillars which has musical notes emerging out of the pillars that are produced when struck with your fingers.


Distance from Bangalore: 68Km

Anthargange is one of the famous mountains that are situated in South East of Karnataka. The literal meaning of the place is Ganges from the deep in the language of Kannada. There are various caves that surround the mountain consisting of granite rocks. Trekking is a famous out sport known here.


Gokarna Halfmoon beach

Distance from Bangalore: 488Km

It is a small town that is situated on the Western Coast of India in the state of Karnataka. Gokarna is a temple town and a holiday destination. It gives an amazing view and vibe of the nature consisting of the various beaches and the hills with shacks (huts) to live in near the beaches as well.


Distance from Bangalore: 291Km

Coonoor is a hill station situated in the Nilgiri District in Tamil Nadu. It is a place of beautiful nature view and a very calm environment. There are various places and adventures that have to be visited and experienced as well in Coonoor that includes hiking, visiting plantations, Mountain View etc.


Distance from Bangalore: 309Km

Beginning with the temples to churches, from the beautiful beaches and the historical places and monuments, Pondicherry is an amazing place to explore the worthy time with and also is one among the major attractions of the tourist all over the word. It is a city for exploring. The White Town in Pondicherry is a charming location with the olden and western building structure on the streets. The streets are in fact filled with the French bakeries and the savoury of delicious and delightful tastes available.


Distance from Bangalore: 271Km

Before it attained the name “OOTY”, the region was given several other names such as Wotokymund and Ootacamund, which was later shortened to as Ooty. Ooty is a beautiful place surrounded by mountains situated in the Nilgiri Hills, which means the Blue Mountains named after the flower Kurinji, those blossoms once in every twelve years.


Distance from Bangalore: 245Km

The literal meaning of Chikkamagaluru means, “The land of the younger Daughter”. Chikkamagaluru is the famous place located in the Western Ghats of India and is known for its amazing scenery and the extravagant coffee and pepper. It is a land with the landscapes including various natural and historical places around. Recorded as a tiger reserve forest, where travelling through the jungle could give view to tigers at times. It is also famous for its points for trekking and hiking.


Distance from Bangalore: 333Km

Kudremukh is a peak of a mountain range situated in the district of Chikkamagaluru in the state of Karnataka. This mountain region means: Horse-face” from its term Kuduremukha as a view of the mountain represents the face of a horse. There was a mining point at this place as well. Kudremukh range was declared as a tiger reserve location.


Distance from Bangalore: 248Km

Coorg is an amazing district also known as Kodagu. The Kingdom of Kodagu was taken over by the British East India Company, who later named the place of Kodagu as “Coorg”.  Coorg is famous for and there are various adventurous trek spots in Coorg that trails for an extravagant trip.