Best Trekking and Camping events in Bangalore

About Monks On Wheels

Are you too busy to plan a vacation? Are you overwhelmed with options of where to go, what to see, eat and do? Are you apprehensive about what hotels to choose or how much to spend? Leave all your travel decisions to us, all you need to do is pick a place of visit and we will do the rest. Savour your travel time by allowing the Monks to zip through your to-do list. If like us, you are against the stereotypical group tour sightseeing but want to explore places and travel- you are in the right place! Monks on Wheels offer tailor-made travel packages to help young enthusiastic travellers get to the heart of local experiences and tread on the off beaten path of destinations. From camping in the lesser known Prabalmachi to embarking on a sea sand expedition in the World Famous beaches of Gokarna, we have seen and done it all. One trip with the Monks will change your impression of guided tours forever, for the better! Check out the honest and detailed reviews by tons of satisfied travel bugs who brag about the fun and addictive group that we are (not flaunting!). The world is so huge and there are just so many places to go. Check out our ever expanding destinations and give us a chance to organize your next trip. Sit back and watch us do what we do best, you will not be disappointed 🙂

The thing that sets Monks on Wheels apart from other trekking and Camping events in Bangalore is our integrated approach to travel. We don’t just accompany your travels but join them in an active way to keep the whole ambience fun and peppy. There’s a treasure trove of locations across the country which creates options for adventure holidays in India. As one of the best event organisers in Bangalore, We have a package for every traveller, whether you’re a beginner or veterans. Also, We have different levels of adventure activities planned in a way that will accommodate everybody. Ola journeys are designed to provide you with a new perspective on the idea of travelling.