We organize trekking events from Bangalore to some of the most exquisite locations all around India. We also combine our treks with other adventure and fun-filled activities such as camping, hiking, cycling, bike rides, river rafting etc. In the past 3 years, we have organized hundreds of trekking events from Bangalore and have taken over thousand trekking enthusiasts to our events. All our events are organized by our dedicated and experienced crew who can provide all the assistance you will ever need in a trek.

Upcoming Treks & Adventure

Most of our events are organized during weekends and will be to the locations that are reachable by road from Bangalore. Other trekking and adventure events that require a longer itinerary will also be updated here. Below are some of our upcoming trekking and adventure events from Bangalore.

Popular Treks & Adventure

Though we organize multiple treks and adventure events all around the year, some of our treks are frequently conducted due to the high demand from participants. Most of these are weekend treks where we start from Bangalore and come back within 2-3 days. Our popular events include treks, camping, tour packages, hiking, bike rides etc. Below are some of our popular events that we frequently conduct according to demand.

FAQs on Trekking from Bangalore

For starters, Agumbe and Ballalarayandurga Fort Trek are the easiest to try out. These events are lighter on the itinerary.

Click on a trekking event that you like and you will be taken to the page where the event details are given. Depending on the availability of the trekking event, the page will have the option to make a booking. Alternatively, you can call us on 095381 57494 to make a booking.

We create a WhatsApp group 3 days before the event and request all travellers to update their location. Based on the locations, we come up with pick up points closer to all the travellers.

Most of our trekking events are conducted on the weekends and the locations will be reachable on an overnight journey.

No, you don’t need any prior trekking experience to join the events. Our trek leads will be giving you all the instructions to follow during the trek.

All the available events will be listed in the ‘upcoming events’ section.

The minimum age should be 16 years for joining our treks. You can reach out to us before booking the event and we will be happy to help you.