Dandeli is another beautiful destination situated in the state of Karnataka. The city of Dandeli is in the Uttara Kannada district. There are various reasons for why this place would be a perfect one for the nature lovers. There are a number of places to visit in this place and also with the adventure spots it provides. The best time to visit this place is suggested to be between the months of October to the month of May.

How to reach DANDELI?

The nearest airport to Dandeli is the Hubli Airport, which is 56Km away from the place and also Sambre Airport (Belgaum), which is 66 Km away from Dandeli. And hence it would be easily available to travel through flights and then take a ride through road.
The nearest railway stations to Dandeli are Alnavar Junction, which is 23Km away and the Londa Railway Junction, which is 24Km away.
Dandeli is pretty well connected to the major cities of the nation via the regular buses and other travel sources.

  • From Bangalore to DANDELI
    The distance between Dandeli and Bangalore is 470 – 490Km, depending on the route taken, which is almost 9 – 10 hours of drive via the road.
    The nearest railway station is the Alnavar Junction, which 23Km away and Londa Junction is 24Km away. There are trains available from Bangalore to these junctions and hence it is easy to reach out to Dandeli via Bangalore route.
    There are flights available from Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore to the Hubli Airport.
  • From Mumbai to DANDELI
    The distance between Mumbai and Dandeli is around 582 Km by road. Since there are no direct flights or train between Mumbai and Dandeli, it is always suggested to take a flight to the Hubli, Sambre or the Goa airport and then take a bus or taxi according to the convenience.
  • From Hyderabad to DANDELI
    The distance between Hyderabad and Dandeli is around 590 Km, which is a journey of 13 hours. There are flights available from Hyderabad Airport to Hubli or the Sambre airport.
    There are no direct trains between Hyderabad and Dandeli.


Things to do in DANDELI

There are various adventurous activities to be explored in the city of Dandeli.

    A lighter and softer adventure on the breezing water. It would definitely provide a best water sport adventure.
    This is a lovely event to take up as a safe adventure. There are various interesting wildlife species within the areas and hence, it provides a good view on the natural places and various birds and animals and variety of plants in this area. Different species of birds are visible at this place, which is apt for bird watchers.
  3. There are other adventurous activities such as Fishing, Rafting, Mountain Biking and other water sports.
What are the best places to visit in DANDELI?

There are various places to visit in Dandeli.

    The famous place in the city, the Kali River is a spectacular attraction for all the tourists. While taking a tour through the Kali River, one takes a scenic look to the luxurious vegetation and the cool rush of the water.
    It is one of the most popular place in Dandeli. This cave is situated in the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, which is found to be made out of the origins of volcanic sources. One has to climb a total number of 375 steps in order to reach put to this cave.
    The Shiroli Peak provides an enchanting view of the mountains of the Sahayadri Range and the hills that surrounds it with. This amazing viewpoint is situated in the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. It is known to be the highest place in Uttara Kannada area. It is a popular place for the nature lovers and the adventurous trekkers.
    The Supa Dam is another incredible creation of attraction to the tourists. The dam is built to be for hydroelectric power generation. This place has been named after Suparulu, the God of Forests, which is surrounded by the thick forest area and the river water.
    It gives a breathtaking view of the amazing Kali River and the Nagzari River. The place is said to be named after the British person who found this place.  The place is by the valleys and the green thick forest area.


What are the happening places in DANDELI?

The best happening places are the water adventure sports and the high peak points for the sunset and the overall view.

How safe is DANDELI as a solo women traveller?

Providing a suitable pleasant climate, this place seems to be a safe and a peace giving nature spot. But this place is suggest able to those travellers who love having a lot of adventures, since the adventurous exposure are more available. There are various safe home stays and hotels available in the place for the women solo travellers.

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