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9 Best Beaches for Surfing in India [2024]

India and surfing? Sounds strange, right? Well, hear us out.

Undoubtedly, surfing is a lesser-loved sport in India. And while destinations like Gold Coast and Malibu top the list, India is slowly picking up on the frenzy. Thanks to its Asian neighbors like Bali, Maldives, and Sri Lanka, several iconic beaches are now open to ride the high waves. And guess what? There’s also hands-on training for novice riders.

Here’s exploring 9 best beaches for surfing in India, along with the surfing culture and info on the right gear. Keep scrolling!

1. Sasihithlu Beach, Mulki, Karnataka

Sometimes referred to as “Surfers Paradise,” Sasihithlu Beach is perhaps among the cleanest beaches for surfing in India. For anyone visiting Mangalore, Sasihithlu Beach is a must-stop for all good reasons. This is where the Shambhavi River meets the Arabian Sea. The beach entrance is uniquely decorated with trees, creating natural shade, and the sunset view is breathtaking.

Sasihithlu Beach Mulki Karnataka

If you’re looking for a spot to learn surfing, you’ll never be alone at the Sasihithlu beach. There are many surfing enthusiasts flocking every year to master the art of riding waters. Fall in with the crew and make the most out of every moment.

Best time to surf: November-January

2. Yermal Thenka Beach, Udupi, Karnataka

Located on the Arabian Sea, the Yermal Thenka Beach, Karnataka, is one of the popular beaches for surfing in India. Unlike others, this one’s located pretty much amidst an urban setting. Long stretches of coastline, bright sand, and turquoise waters at Yermal beckon like an irresistible magnet.

yermal thenka beach

You will meet all kinds here – nature lovers, family groupers, and solo travelers. The best part is surfing under the warmth of the sun with seagulls crying across the pier. By all means, Yermal Thenka is a quaint beach offering the right mix of activity and relaxation.

Best time to surf: November-January

3. Arambol Beach, Goa

Goa, the Pearl of the Orient, is known for its legendary nightlife and smashing New Year parties. But tell you what, Goa’s beaches aren’t just reserved for trippy tales. A beach like Arambol is a one-of-a-kind destination for surfingers. 


Located in the heart of North Goa, Arambol Beach sees challenging high waters going up to seven feet, which is sure to add to the delight of seasoned surfers. The beach is vast and often deserted, barring a few places where surfers hang out. There are many surfing training camps on the beach to get you started taming the rough waters. Come, waltz right in!

Best time to surf: November-December

4. Serenity Beach, Pondicherry

Surfing is meant to be fun, especially if you are a beginner. And that’s where Serenity Beach in Pondicherry gets full marks. The waves here are gentle and break slowly, which appeals to several surfing enthusiasts who take turns gliding the waves under their feet.


Pondicherry is popularly called the “Paris of the East” and enjoys a warm climate throughout the year, which also adds to the surfing delight. 

Best time to surf: October-February (for beginners), and July-September (for seasoned surfers when the waves are more challenging)

5. Mahabalipuram Beach, Tamil Nadu

Popularly called the ‘Mahabs’, Mahabalipuram rightly claims its place among the best beaches for surfing in India. This one’s a high-performance, right-point break that goes around an ancient temple situated on the shore.


Mahabalipuram has always been a backpacker’s delight, and the rise of surfing culture has only added to its reputation. For novice surfers, the Mahabs have several surf schools offering extensive training to ride the waves. 

Best time to surf: June-September

6. Covelong Beach, Tamil Nadu

As you travel up the coast of Mahabalipuram and onto the outskirts of the metropolis of Chennai, you will land in the fishing village of Kovalam (also known as Covelong). A classic sand-bottom surfing point, Kovalam Beach has one of the oldest surfing clubs in India, dating back to 2005.


This surfing destination is best known for being a massive crowd puller in August with the Covelong Point Surf, Yoga and Music Festival, which heartily celebrates the fervor of surfing in India.  If you’re new, Kovalam has some decent surfing clubs to learn the ropes on budget as NGOs run them. 

Best time to surf: October-March

7. Varkala Beach, Kerala

When exploring the best beaches for surfing in India, Varkala is unbeatable. Located at the southwest tip of the country, Varkala in Kerala is a surfing hotspot known for its black sand beach and gorgeous cliff. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned surfer, Varkala is a must-visit.


Varkala’s laid-back vibe is reminiscent of some of the beaches of Goa. It’s a perfect destination to soak up some old, good Vitamin D, chill over a few drinks, and glide low, gentle waves under a surfboard.

Best time to surf : November-March

8. Agatti, Kavaratti, and Bangaram Beaches, Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep is undeniably the most coveted among surfing destinations in India. It sits exactly north of the Maldives, and houses similar features like shallow coral reefs as breakpoints. These islands have been hiding in the dark for years and came to the limelight when they got featured in “Castle in the Sky”, a movie dedicated to the spirit of surfing by Taylor Steele.


However, the major reason why Lakshadweep remained unheard of is its accessibility. For anyone traveling from the Indian west coast, the travel options are limited. It’s either a 17-18 hrs ferry or an expensive flight of one and a half hours. 

But as you land in Lakshadweep, you will be blown away by the visuals. Glistening sand, breathtaking corals, turquoise blue ocean, and lush coco palms make way for a picturesque setting. Lakshadweep stores some of the finest beaches for surfing in India, including Agatti, Kavaratti, and Bangaram islands.

Best time to surf: September-March

9. Butler Bay and Ross and Smith Beach-Andaman & Nicobar Islands

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands sit in the north of Indonesia’s archipelago. Not to get confused, these islands are pretty much Indian territory and are a frontier for surfing enthusiasts. If you prefer an off-the-grid surfing experience, this is it. 


Logistics is the biggest challenge for Andaman and Nicobar in hitting the waves on time. So, you will need to invest in the right resources. Strictly for surfing, we recommend riding the waves along the Butler Bay beach and Ross and Smith islands with sparkling white sands. This place is also popular among tourists for spotting colorful underwater species during snorkeling.

Best time to surf: October-May 

The Gear You Will Need for Surfing in India

Ten years ago, surfing conditions in India were a lot different. Today, with the surfing fever catching on, you won’t have to carry a lot of gear. Thanks to the surfing schools and communities around. However, here are a few expert recommendations to play on the safe side.

  • Sufficient warm water wax 
  • Ding repairs
  • Spare fins and leash strings
  • Surfing boards with an additional foam layer 
  • Extra roof straps for tying surfboards to a vehicle 

The Indian Surfing Culture- A Fine Blend of the Cosmic and Curiosity

As a surfing destination, India is one-of-a-kind, housing rarest, untouched surfing spots. Sure, it’s tricky to score fire waves here unless the weather’s on your side. The point is, surfing is still a nascent passion in this country. However, you can still enjoy multiple beaches for surfing in india. All you need is an open mind and an undying appetite for adventure. But there’s an important story at the center. 

It was not until 1976 when legendary American surfer Jack Hebner, a.k.a. “Surfing Swami”, traveled to India as a part of his spiritual journey. During his stay, he founded the country’s first surfing school called “Mantra Surf Club” in Mangalore. That was 2004. And just ten years back, you could actually count the number of surfers in this country. 

But times have changed. The last decade saw Indian shorelines attracting eyeballs from all over. Professional surfers, filmmakers, adventure junkies- the list is pretty exhaustive. No wonder, surfing is gaining the mainstream attention it deserves.

Closing Thoughts

Undeniably, the Indian shorelines pack the punch for an unforgettable surfing experience. From Varkala to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, every destination has something unique to offer. When exploring the best beaches for surfing in India, make room to bask in the local culture. It’s full of color, characters, and diversity that you won’t find anywhere else. Happy surfing!

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