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15 Best Trekking Places Near Bangalore [2024]

Looking for the best trekking places near Bangalore? When was the last time you lost your breath in search of a marvel that your eyes are yet to behold? The whole world is tired of holding their breath behind those masks, it is about time you let loose and break free with our list of 15 best trekking places near Bangalore that will guarantee to take your breath away.


Trekking Near Bangalore

Bangalore is home to numerous numbers of peaks that allow you to trek all the way to the top which holds a scenic view that is distinctive and unique to each peak. With that said people are in search for the best of the best trekking places near Bangalore and if you are not from Bangalore are you tired of asking your friends over and over about the places to go around Bangalore?

Well, look no further. As a popular trekking club, here’s our one-stop list of the best trekking places near Bangalore. We have compiled this list keeping in mind of all you adventure junkies out there, for the people who just want to escape the concrete jungle that they live in, for all the riders who would love to drop a gear and disappear, but also for each and every one of you who we have wholeheartedly welcomed into our city from across our country and the seven seas.


Reaching the Trekking Locations from Bangalore

One can choose to reach here via bus or train and then hire an auto or taxi (Ola Outstation) from Bangalore. The distance of each place that is mentioned below is an approximate distance from Bangalore (M.G.Road).


1. Skandagiri Hill Trek




If Nandi Hills is the only place that you keep hearing about then let me tell you that there is a remarkably close and similar alternative, it is called Skandagiri also known as Kalavara Durga, Situated in Chikballapur district. The trek to the peak starts from Papagani Temple which is easily accessed from Bangalore.

The trek to the top may take you 2-3 hours so it is advised to reach the trek base at 3 am to reach on time to see the spectacular sunrise with the never-ending waves of clouds. Skandagiri also hosts one of Tippu Sultan’s forts which are now in ruins, but it also has two caves in its entire stretch.

Distance from Bangalore: 61 km
Difficulty level: Moderate-Difficult
Time to Visit: October – January
Trek Elevation: 1450 meters


2. Savandurga Trek




Ever wondered how the edge of tomorrow looks likes? Well here is one for you, it’s called Savandurga also known as Savinna Durga which translates to “The Fort of Death”. This hill station is adjacent to a temple town situated in the district of Tumkuru in Karnataka.

The trek to the top starts from Sri Lakshmi Narasimhawaran Temple. This region’s landscape is a combination of muddy sections, small forests and granite rocks. The trek to the top takes around 15-20 minutes. This is a very simple trek that you might enjoy alone or with a group.

It is advised to do the trek on trekking shoes or barefoot to get maximum grip. The best time to do this will be from October to January as the hill might be very slippery during the monsoons and the rocks might radiate too much heat during the summer. The view at the top is worth it as the peak gives you a mindboggling scene of the lush green forests and unending bends of the Thippagondanahalli reservoirs of both Magadi and Ramanagara. It is advised to spend about a good 30 minutes at the summit to get a good 360 scenic view of the surroundings.

Distance from Bangalore: 60 kms
Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
Time to visit: October to January
Trek Elevation: 1226 meters


3. Ramanagara Trek


Ramanagara Trek


This is the trek where you would be asking your friends “Kitne Aadhmi te”. If you are visiting this place for the first time and probably wondering “Hey, I have seen this place somewhere, Then Yes, you guessed it right this is the place where the famous film “Sholay” was shot.

Located in the Ramanagara district also known as the “Silk City”. Ramanagara has seven hills surrounding it making it an ideal location for people to do day treks and hikes. It is a trek of 400 steps to the top. Ramanagara is just 50 kilometers from Bangalore and this region is also known for its earliest efforts for rock climbing.

The hills surrounding Ramanagara have unique resemblances when viewed from 4 different directions. It is advised to start the trek early in the morning as it will be cool. The best time of the year to visit this place would be during the summer months from March to May. During monsoons, this place may be difficult to trek as the rocks may be slippery and have a ton of leeches. At the peak, you will be able to see a beautiful scenic view of thick green vegetation.

Distance from Bangalore: 50 kms
Difficulty level: Easy
Time to visit: March to May
Trek Elevation: 2450 meters


4. Devarayanadurga Trek


Devarayanadurga Trekking


This is a place for a quick one-day trip from Bangalore. Devarayanadurga also known as DD hills is situated in the District of Tumkur and is 50kms away from Bangalore. It attracts a huge number of visitors regularly, both adventure enthusiasts and pilgrims. DD hills is home to two temples namely Bhoga Narsimha Temple and Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, this temple also hosts a chariot festival. There is also a big pond at the foothills.

The best time to visit DD hills is during the months of March to April. The trek starts at the base of the hill, from a small structure made of brick-and-mortar, which resembles a turret tower. DD hills house a fort at the hillock which can be seen from Bhoga Narsimha Temple.

If you wish to go further up the hill, to the summit, the trek is 2km long may take 30-40 minutes, on the way you might have to deal with some challenging terrain and climb few boulders. At the top is a small mandap, which gives you the most magnificent view of the temple at the bottom and the never-ending greenery.

Distance from Bangalore: 50 kms
Difficulty level: Easy
Time to visit: October to February.
Trek Elevation: 4000 meters


5.Chitradurga Fort Trek


Chitrdurga Fort Trekking


Here is yet another destination near Bangalore especially for all you bikers to escape from your regular traffic and to ride to an absolute bliss of a place. The Chitradurga Fort is located in the district of Chitradurga and it was also called Chitaldoor during the reign of the British.

The fort runs across several hills and sits on a peak that oversees an unending view of the flat valley of Chitradurga District. The Name of the fort is Chitrakaldurga, which translates ‘picturesque fort’ in Kannada. Chitradurga fort is 200 kms away from Bangalore, where the journey takes you through the highways that is surrounded with an infinite amount of windmills all around you. The fort is fortified with seven walls forming a circle all the way from the top of the hill to the lower level; the first and second stage is where the city of Chitradurga now stands.

The second and the third stage can be driven on, which is also the official entrance presently. The inner walls are reinforced with stronger walls and you will be able to notice small holes which were used to spy on and used as slits for guns. Inside the fort there are also some wells that were built for storing oil which were used to light lamps during that time.

The fort also houses a main temple called Ekanatheshwari, right next to it you will be able to notice some pillars that were used to suspend swings.

Distance from Bangalore: 200 kms
Difficulty level: Easy
Time to visit: October to February
Trek Elevation: 3202 meters


6. Madhugiri Trek


Madhugiri hills


What if I told you that a short drive of 100 kilometers from Bangalore will make you feel like the sky is not the limit. Yes, the Madhugiri Hill is the second-largest monolith in Asia. Madhugiri Trek is one of the most experiential treks for anyone who is just starting their adventurous journey in life. It is located in the district of Tumkur and it is about 106 kilometers from Bangalore and will take you around 3hrs to reach by car or bike.

On the steep slope of the hill lies a fort built by Raja Heera Gowda of the Ganga Dynasty. The name Madhugiri translates to “Honey Hills” in Kannada, due to the abundance of honey bees that have made the fort their habitat. One of the important features of this place is the rock dome at the most part of the hill.

The view at the top is enchanting as you can see the entire region covered by the greenery of the Thimmalapura forest and a small lake in the vicinity. The trek to the top will take you through a nostalgic journey of historic structures; as you can witness half-ruined walls of the fort and walls of defense and gateways. The trek can be done by experienced trekkers. If you are a beginner, prepare well, since the trek difficulty ranges from moderate to difficult according to seasons and because of the steep slopes in certain parts of the hill.

Distance from Bangalore: 106 kms
Difficulty level: Moderate – Difficult
Trek Duration: 3-4 hours
Time to visit: October to March.
Trek Elevation: 2582 meters


7. Kunti Betta Trek


Kunti Betta Trekking


Have you ever read a book and visualized the characters and the landscape while reading along? Well, here is a chance to actually live it. Time to dig in and relive the chapters of the Epic Mahabharata. Kunti Betta is situated in Pandavapura. This place has got its name because of the Pandavas from the Epic Mahabharata as it is told that they had ended their 14-year long journey.

It is situated in the district of Mandya also known as the “Sugar City” which is about 130 kilometers from Bangalore. Along the journey you would notice the on-coming magnificence of the sugar cane fields and the overwhelming smell of jaggery will make you feel like a kid at the candy store, hence the name “Sugar city”. You would also come across several paddy fields. The trek starts at the temple on the foothill and the trek ranges from moderate to slightly difficult varying from season to season but the trek to the top is totally an eye-catching one.

If you are an early bird kind of a person then it is suggested to go in for the sunrise because Kunti Betta is known for its glorious sunrise up the hill. At the summit, you will easily notice steep rock boulders and a stone pillar. Kunti Betta also has a small trail that leads up to Thonnur lake where you can rest and relax and dip yourself. Kunti Betta trek is a bit of a challenge for beginners which will soon turn into an interesting trek. Kunti Betta is an absolute gem of a place for people trekking for the first time as well as for people who are experienced at trekking.

Distance from Bangalore: 130 kms
Difficulty level: Moderate – Difficult
Trek Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour
Time to visit: October to March
Trek Elevation: 2882 meters


8. Anthargange Trek


Antharagange trek


Ever felt like locking horns with the devil? Or launching yourself like the “Falcon Heavy”? Well, what if I told you that it is possible. Anthargange has caves and also rocks called the “Devil’s Horn” and “Launchpad”. Antaragange is a mountain located at the Shathashrunga mountain range in the district of Kolar which is about 70 kilometers from Bangalore.

It is situated in a small town which is known by all as KGF. I am not talking about Rocky Bhai, but the goldfields that this place was renowned for. Anthargange also holds great religious significances and most certainly for its fascinating natural scenic beauty entangled with caves that are super adventurous. It also houses a temple called Sri Kashi Vishweshara Temple which is often called “Kashi of South”.

As mentioned earlier this place attracts both pilgrims and adventure junkies. The hill is about 4021 ft high. The name “Antharganga” means ‘innerspring’. The trek to the top starts from the temple and it will take you about one hour to reach the peak. You should definitely avoid carrying any snack packets due to the abundance of monkeys.

Anathargange is known not just for the caves but also for its dense forests and peaks that will surely mesmerize you to get one’s adrenaline pumping making it a great weekend experience. There are seven villages that are perched on this mountain range. One should definitely make it early for the amazing sunrise that this place has got to offer which would make you glaze at the giant burning ball fire.

Distance from Bangalore: 70 kms
Difficulty level: Moderate
Trek Duration: 4 hours
Time to visit: January to June.
Trek Elevation: 1350 meters


9. Makalidurga Fort Trek


Makalidurga Fort


While traveling via train, there were many times where we all have wondered and thought to ourselves, hey, that hill that looks amazing and imagined how standing on top of it might feel like. Well, here’s a place which will make feel exactly like the way you imagined it. Here you will be standing on top and looking at the train pass at the foothill.

Makalidurga is a great trek stop where there’s a train track that runs along the hill. Makalidurga is about 60 km from Bangalore. It might take about two hours to reach the place. It is located in the district of Doddaballapur. Makalidurga will also give you the feeling of the place that you always imagined of escaping to, there are hardly any people that visit here and the quietness of the place will just take over you.

This is a perfect get-away from your regular routine of all those commotions and all the honking in the traffic of the busy life in the concrete jungle. It is best if you carried your own food, snacks, and water while on the trek because there are hardly any shops around. Makalidurga trek ranges from moderate to difficult depending on the type of season you are planning to visit because the monsoon season may prove to be extremely difficult as the rocks may prove to be very slippery.

With some effort, you can easily climb over the rocks and boulders. The boulders themselves have directions to lead you through the trek and guild you. At the top, you will find a massive fort that is in ruins that stretches across a particular region. The view at the top showcases the beauty of the lake that is situated few kilometers away from the hill which is extremely fascinating.

Distance from Bangalore: 70 km, Time to visit: January to June.
Difficulty level: Moderate – Difficult
Trek Duration: 5-6 hours, Trek Elevation: 1350 meters


10. Channarayana Durga Trek


Channarayana Durga Trek


Here is a place that will make you stand right in the middle of a battlefield. It is called Channarayana Durga. It was used as a strategic defense fortress during the medieval period and several battles were fought for its possession. It is located in the district of Tumkur just about 100 kms from Bangalore.

The fort might be in ruins now but it has stood the time as it is an evidence of all the battles that were fought and it also has seen the establishment and destruction of many empires. Channarayana Durga is an ideal place for rock climbing. This place will give you the complete package of rich heritage & history and also architectural and structural espionage.

There is no public transport that can take you to Channarayana Durga but, you can catch a train from Bangalore to Tumkur and then hire an auto to the location or you can also drive or ride to Channarayana Durga.

Distance from Bangalore: 100 km, Time to Visit: September to December.
Difficulty level: Difficult
Trek Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes, Trek Elevation: 1188 meters


11. Kabbaladurga Trek


Kabbaladurga Trek


Ever heard of prison break? Well, here is a place for you to take a break from your regular life and break into an amazing place which was once a prison used by Mysore rulers and the colonial British. It is called Kabbaladurga and it was known as Jafferabad during the rule of the Tippu Sultan. It is situated in the town of Santhanur which is 20 kms from Kanakapura, just about 80 kms from Bangalore. It comprises of four main stretches namely 1.Initial stretch, 2.Three-point stretch, 3.Viper stretch and 4.Final stretch.

At the top awaits you some of the old remains of temple and defense walls which are almost ruined. The peak is very peaceful where you can just sit down and relax or even meditate as the only noise you will hear is the cool breeze that will completely calm you down.

Distance from Bangalore: 90-100 km, Time to visit: October to January
Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate
Trek Duration: 2-3 hours, Trek Elevation: 2090 feet


12. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta Trek


Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta Trek


Here is a place that offers the best of both worlds. Bilikal Ranga also known as BR hills offers a trek very similar to that of the Kodachadiri trek. The trek to the top is through a lush green forest. The trek offers 2 routes. If you want to have a jolly-good bumpy jeep ride, then you can get that. Or get a trekking trail for those who like to go the extra mile.

Bilikal Ranga is a part of the forest reserve where you might even be able to spot wildlife and sight rare birds. BR hills is just 70 kms south of Bangalore. The trek starts through the forest where it takes through the shade of smaller trees and on to the rock regions. Along the trek may also notice traces of elephants that can be found huge in number here. Initially, the trek will take about an hour to the top but then there awaits you another gigantic hill called Rangaswamy betta. Take extreme care while visiting this place during monsoon as the trail might be muddy and the rock of the hill will be slippery.

Distance from Bangalore: 70 km, Time to visit: August to January
Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate
Trek Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours, Trek Elevation: 2090 feet


13. RevanaSiddeshwara Betta Trek


Revana-Siddeshwara Betta Trekking


Ever heard of SRS? No, I am not talking about the travels. I am talking about a hill that is lesser known to all. SRS stands for Sri Revanna Siddeshwara Betta, it is famous for trekking and has a rock situated on the outskirts just about 70 kms away from Bangalore. The SRS hills are an ideal location to go on an adventurous trek. The place also offers a wide range of water sports.

This place is a great choice for people in and around Bangalore to go on a fun-filled one-day outing with friends and family. This is yet again an interesting place to escape regular routine and escape to the thrill of water sports. The SRS region majorly comprises of huge barren landscapes with massive rocks. You can trek to the top and climb on the rocky terrain to get to an absolutely clear view of the magnificent landscape surrounding this region. The fun of the adventure is not done as people come here for another reason besides trekking. There is also an exciting adventure that awaits you which is kayaking. It is suggested that you make it early in the morning and treat your eyes to the magical sunrise.

Distance from Bangalore: 70 km, Time to visit: January to April.
Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate
Trek Duration: 1.5 hours, Trek Elevation: 3,066 feet


14. Kaiwarabetta Trek


Kaiwarabetta Trek


If you are fascinated by Epics like Mahabharata, then it is about time you pack your backpacks and head towards Kaiwara. It is situated in a small village in the district of Chikballapur also known as Ekachakrapura. It just about 65 km from Bangalore. Kaiwara is popular for the great poet Sri Yogi Kaiwara Narayana Taatha. Kaiwara Betta also houses several temples and few historical sites hailed for its sculptures and architectural espionage.

Kaiwara also houses a fort and a zoo that has few animals which are located in this region. This can be ideal to take your family along too. The trek to the top starts from the main gate of Kaiwara Tapovan. This is the zoo at Shamarahosapet village. The trek can be slightly rough and difficult. The trek to the top can take about 2-3 hours to climb which is definitely worth doing. It is suggested to visit Kaiwara during the summers as Kaiwara receives heavy rain. It is advised to visit/trek during December – March, and June – September.

Distance from Bangalore: 65 km, Time to visit: December to March and June to September
Difficulty level: Difficult
Trek Duration: 2-3 hours, Trek Elevation: 1226 meters


15. Bidarakatte Trek




Last but not the least, are you looking for a place that isn’t common amongst the first 10 suggestions that your friends tell you? Well, then here is a hidden gem of a place near Bangalore. It is called Bidarakatte, a small trekking peak in the district of Tumkur.

Bidarakatte is just about 60kms from Bangalore. For this trek, you need to book the ticket online on the official website of the Karnataka Forest Department. You cannot start the trek unless you have made a prior booking as the trek is through the forest. It is mandatory for you to book this trek as this region is under the forest department.

The trek starts from the tree park and ends at Doddarebylu. The trek ranges from easy to moderate as most of the parts of the trek are through rocks. It is advised that you visit Bidarakatte during mild weather as the summer would be too hot to bear. It is suggested that the best time to visit this place would be during the monsoons as the rains will wash and dazzle the forest giving you a lush green and bright trail that will dominate the entire landscape of the forest.

The spring season is also a great time to visit as the tree park from where the trek starts attract a huge number of birds, butterflies and other beetles. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, there you will be happy to spot endangered Yellow Throated Bulbul. There is also a small lily pond where you can relax after your adventurous trek. Make sure to carry food or snacks and water as this is situated in a rural area and there are fewer shops or restaurants nearby.

Distance from Bangalore: 50 km, Time to visit: June to September
Difficulty level: Moderate
Trek Duration: 2 hours, Trek Elevation: 1204 meters


Other Popular Trekking Places Near Bangalore


Nandi Hills – 65 kms
Bheemeshwari – 107 kms
Siddarabetta – 100 kms
Tadiandamol – 260 km




Well, here is our list of 15 best trekking places near Bangalore. Each and every peak mentioned above is authentic and unique in landscape, heritage and culture. It is our responsibility to keep the carbon footprint minimum and reduce the chances of negative environmental impacts.

We should be able to provide more sustainable and enjoyable experiences for the next generation to witness and experience nature’s marvel and to take forward the legacy left behind. We should also be able to close the gap and build meaningful connections and bonds with host community and have better understanding of their local culture and to help them overcome social and environmental issues.

Lastly be kind to mother nature because if she wasn’t being kind enough then none of these places or us would have continued to live in.


FAQs on Trekking Places Near Bangalore


Q) Can we visit these places directly?

A) Due to the pandemic there are strict rules that are imposed on these places by the authorities. So it is necessary that you visit “MyEcoTrip.com” this is the official website for Karnataka Forest Department who issue these passes for treks. Also, spend some time to understand the COVID-related rules and regulations before planning your trek.

Q) Can we visit these places all throughout the year?

A) It is advised that you visit these places according to the seasons as these peaks can be extremely dangerous during monsoon as the rocks can be very slippery.

Q) Will there be shops near these places?

A) Make sure you carry your own water, food and snacks as all these places are located in the outskirts and in rural places. You may find fewer shops or restaurants in these locations

Q) Are there any public transportation facilities to these places?

A) You can reach the main towns via train or bus and hire local transportation to reach the base point. It is advised you use your own vehicle and you either drive or ride to these places hassle-free.

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