While leading in the busy world, lead a piece of communication through the connection to nature and learn another sequence in life. Break the routine from the busy world and take a break into the breaking scene of discovery. Experience the amazing one day trek with hiking for a weekend escape with these places added up to your list and to take yourself to another unforgetful wonder trip. Here are a few spots to add up into your list to have some fine and adventurous trip out of your hectic workspace.


Distance from Bangalore: 61 Km
Altitude: 1,450 M
Trek Distance: 3 Km

Skandagiri is a mountain fortress.  It is a place with moderate and difficult level of trekking. Provides trekking facility not just in the morning but even during the night time as well. The fort situated there was once built by Tipu Sultan in the 18th century to have fight against the British and the East India Company or the British Rule.

Nandi Hills

Distance From Bangalore: 60 Km
Elevation: 1,478M

Known for its spectacular view from the top, this hill fortress is situated 60Km from Bangalore. Covering up a larger area to explore within, it gives an amazing view in the morning during the hour of sunrise to its viewers is a never disappointing frame.

It is the ancient hill fortress built by the Ganga Dynasty and was strengthened by Tipu Sultan. It gives an amazing view during the sunrise of the hills surrounded and the town around it. And the best time to explore the Nandi Hills is in the early morning before sunrise for the amazing view in between the foggy weather. Nandi Hills was known as The Hill of Happiness during the Chola Period.  There is another place called as the Tipu Drop, which was known that Tipu Sultan used to drop the traitors and those who were help captives.

Ramanagara Trek

Distance from Bangalore: 47Km
Elevation: 747 M

A small and perfect place to explore for activities and the trekking event with the adventurous sports. Ramanagara is famously known for its sericulture and is referred in a large scale as Silk Town and Silk City. The silk produced is known as Mysore silks.

Anthargange Trek

Distance from Bangalore: 68 Km
Elevation: 1,712M

Known for the wonder of the caves, the hill Anthargange is covered up by the caves and the hills. The “Ganges from the deep” is the meaning of the term Anthargange given. The temple situated is completely dedicated to the Lord Shiva giving it the name, Dakshin Kasha

Anthargange is one of the famous mountains that are situated in South East of Karnataka. The literal meaning of the place is Ganges from the deep in the language of Kannada. There are various caves that surround the mountain consisting of granite rocks. Trekking is a famous out sport known here.

Savandurga Hill

Distance From Bangalore : 48Km
Elevation : 1266M

With an elevation of 1,266 meters risen above the sea level, Savandurga is one of the finest hill spot in the State of Karnataka. This amazing hill includes the variety of 2 hills named, Karigudda – The Black Hill and Billigudda – The White Hill. There are temples situated at the base of the very hill, providing a cultural touch to the place.

Kuntibetta Trek

Distance from Bangalore: 123Km
Altitude: 878M

Kunti Betta is marked among the two of the rocky hills that are surrounded by sugarcane, coconut trees and the paddy fields. This place is historically important as it is known that Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas. Kunti lived in this place during her exile. Kunti Betta is situated in the region of Pandavapura, named after the five sons of Kunti, the Pandavas.

Halu Chilume Ganga Trek

Distance from Bangalore: 64 Km
Altitude: 1008M

The Halu Chilume Ganga Trek is one among the adventurous trail filled with rocks and forest trails along side. There is a temple on the top of the hill and also is surrounded by caves and other trails.

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