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5 Best Outdoor Rock-Climbing Spots Near Bangalore

Who doesn’t love a little adventure once in a while? For all the adventure seekers and fitness enthusiasts out there, this article is just the one you have been missing all this while. Here, you will find some of the best outdoor rock-climbing spots near Bangalore, that you can reach within a few hours, and indulge in a challenging and thrilling get-away. Get your gears ready for an adventure awaiting you.


Located only 50 km from the city of Bangalore is Ramanagara, a destination that should not be missed by every rock-climbing enthusiast. Ramanagara lies on the Bangalore-Mysore Road, which is a quick getaway from the chaos of the city. The giant rocks beckon you to their magic in this town which is also known as the Silk Town since it is also famous for silk production. This rock-climbing site, composed of mainly granite stones is graded the level moderate to difficult and is also recognized as an international rock-climbing destination.

The best time to visit Ramanagara for an adventure will be between October and March when you will get clear skies and adequate conditions for an exciting and safe adventure. It is best to avoid the monsoon months as the rocks could get slippery and make the climb dangerous. You will require a permit to engage in rock-climbing activities. The office will be open on weekdays, from where you can collect the ticket by paying a fee. During weekends, you will have to acquire a permit beforehand to experience the activity.


An interesting fact about the site is that some scenes of the movie Sholay were shot at Ramanagara, which brought many tourists to the site during that time. All these make Ramanagara one of the best rock-climbing spots you can find near Bangalore.


The historical city of Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is also a well-known site for rock-climbing. The city of ruins also has boulders in abundance, which calls for a great adventure. You can go bouldering at Hampi, which is similar to rock climbing, except the part where you take the rope to climb up top. It is considered the biggest bouldering area in the world, which also has spectacular views of sunset and sky gazing.

Before going for bouldering at Hampi, make sure that you have all the gear and safety measures ready to be carried with you. The rocks can be sharp and edgy, which you will have to be careful of. You must also have things ready since your hands could lose grip at some points. The best times to visit Hampi for an adventure are the months of December and January since those are the relatively cooler months. People also visit the place during November and February as well, but it will be a bit difficult, considering the heat during those months of the year at Hampi.



If you are looking for some sport climbing and bouldering, Badami is the right spot for you. the red sandstone cliffs are popular among local tourists as well as international tourists, making it an ideal destination to spend your energy at. Located 150 km north-west of Hampi lies Badami, which has everything-rock climbers wish, with the difficulties ranging from amateur to pro. Apart from the amazing sandstone cliffs, Badami is also a scenic and mesmerizing small town, adorned with beautiful landscapes, rocky terrains, and cave temples that call out the architectural marvel of the bygone era.


You can go for a climb at Badami around the year. However, the winter months are mostly preferred since you can expect some relief from the heat that is prevalent in the rest of the seasons. October and February will be the ideal time in that case. If you are new to rock climbing, Badami is still the right place for you, since the place offers guidance to the tourists irrespective of their experience levels. You can try this amazing sport and decide whether to follow it or not with just one trip!

Raogodlu and Turahalli, Kanakapura

Raogodlu and Turahalli are two rock-climbing spots near Bangalore, situated at Kanakapura. Both places are on the Kanakapura road, with Turahalli being the more accessible one. Raogodlu offers a lot of variety for the climbers, making it a bit more challenging than Turahalli. Turahalli is known as the open-air climbing gym of Bangalore, with 800 acres of boulder garden spread open for climbing enthusiasts. The bouldering areas are also covered with sufficient tree cover, which can give you some shade during the intensive adventure.


The forest department has recently locked the gates to the boulder park at Turahalli, but on weekends you can go in early in the mornings when it is open for morning walkers. It is also a popular climbing training spot near Bangalore. Raogodlu on the other hand, is only 22 km from the city of Bangalore and has a lot to offer in terms of the range of boulders. You can find low as well as high boulders and pick the ones you are comfortable with, according to the level of challenge you are ready to accept.

Savandurga, Magadi

Located 62 km away from Bangalore city is the town of Magadi, where Sawandurga lies. Magadi is a hilly town where hills go as high as 4000 feet above sea level. The Sawandurga hill is a monolith granite rock that is 1200 ft tall, which is claimed to be the largest monolithic rock in Asia. The remnants of a 400-year-old fort can also be found here. This rock-climbing spot consists mainly of two peaks, called Kari Gudda, or black peak, and Bili Gudda, or white peak. Both the peaks are independent of each other, separated by a chasm. The hilly area also offers you a serene and calm atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for a quick getaway.


The best time to visit the spot will be the winter months. Even then, it would be better to pick your time early in the morning before the sun’s heat starts getting stronger. While the initial part of the trek might seem a bit too much to handle, the way down will be way easier. The enchanting view at the top would also not disappoint you and make it worth all your time and effort. The spot offers rocks that grade up to a 7 in the difficulty range, out of which you can pick out the one you can explore.


Rock climbing is a thrilling and adventurous sports activity that can challenge you and give you the satisfaction you are craving. The spots given above are some of the best rock-climbing spots near Bangalore that can satisfy your craving. So, wait no longer and plan your day with your adventure enthusiasts to one of these spots, for a memorable and thrilling time.

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