Incredible Facts About Bangalore

Curious about the facts about Bangalore that make the city amazing as it is?  We have compiled for you the list of incredible facts about Bangalore also known by many for its exuberant titles few of which are “The city of the Techies”, ”Rocking city”, Start-up capital of India” and of course as the “Silicon Valley of India”, Bangalore lights up each day filled with cheer and bliss all around the city and of course, the never-ending traffic and the IT Employees, there are much more to be known about this golden city. Here are a few incredible facts about Bangalore and everything that this rocking city has got to offer.


Bangalore is known as ‘the Silicon Valley of India’

As the title suggests, the city is dotted with 100s of Information technology companies including large Multinational companies to young startups. The city is the perfect hatching station for IT and electronics startups in the country. The tech ambiance of the city drives skilled youth from all over the country to the place as it offers endless career possibilities for them.


the Silicon Valley of India


Many MNCs and state-owned tech organizations are headquartered in Bangalore

The tech vibe of the city has resulted in many Indian-born MNCs being headquartered in the place. These include – Infosys, Wipro, Biocon, Karbonn-Mobiles, Myntra,  Ather-Energy,  Flipkart, etc. Also, it is home to branch operations of many international companies in India.

Other than that the city has the headquarters of many public sector organizations like the Indian Space Research Organization, Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML), Bharat Electronics Ltd, HMT Machine Tool Ltd, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), etc.

The city is also called ‘The city of gardens’

The numerous gardens and parks that dot the city landscape have earned it the name. The famous Lalbagh, Cubbon Park, and Bannerghatta National Park, etc. are a few among such green spaces in the buzzing tech city. Apart from these parks most tourist spots like museums, palaces, theatres, etc. in Bangalore also have well-managed flower gardens on their premises.




Another name of Bangalore is ‘the pub capital of India’

The city is an excellent hangout spot for youngsters with its numerous bars, bars, and restaurants. With over 800 bars and pubs in the city alone, Bangalore offers unlimited enjoyment and partying.


the pub capital of India


India’s oldest radio club is in Bangalore

Established in 1959, the Bangalore Amateur Radio Club is the oldest in the country.


oldest radio club


It is the first city in Asia to be lit by electric street lamps

This is one of the less known facts about Bangalore. At 7 pm on August 5, 1905, the kerosine street lights of the KK market in Bangalore were replaced with electric ones and the city became the first in Asia to have electric street lights.




Bangalore was once known as ‘the city of lakes’

The city once had 285 lakes, both salty and freshwater, hence gaining the name.  With about 210small and big lakes and interconnected canals dotting the area of the city, the city still is one of the cities in India with the largest number of lakes


the city of lakes


The city has one of the oldest rock formations in the world.

The rock formation protected in Lalbagh is 3000 million years old and hence a geological hotspot and protected area.


oldest rock formations


Bangalore has the largest number of broadband connections in India.

With many tech firms operating in the city, Bangalore has the most broadband internet connections in India.


largest number of broadband connections


Bangalore has the most number of Engineering colleges in the country.

With over a million software engineers employed within the city itself, no wonder Bangalore has the most number of engineering colleges in India.


most number of Engineering colleges


The town in ‘Malgudi days’ was named conjoining two old city names

The famous beloved stories from the fictional town of Malgudi were given the name of Malgudi from the two old localities of the city, MALleshwaram, and basavanaGUDI by RK Narayan.


Malgudi days


The famous Freedom park was a jail under British rule.

The ironic fact about the Famous Freedom Park is that it once used to be the location of a central jail built by the British to imprison the freedom fighters. No wonder it is called Freedom Park!!!


Freedom park


The Victoria hospital was built in the Honor of Queen Victoria of England

In honor of Queen Victoria, the Maharani Regent of Mysore laid the foundation of the Victoria Hospital to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the reign of Queen Victoria.


Victoria hospital


The Majestic Bugle rock

The Bugle Rock is a unique and massive formation of rock in the area of Basavanagudi.


Majestic Bugle rock


The Mughal Invasion

After the fall of the Vijayanagara Empire, the city was invaded by the Mughals, which they later sold to the Mysore Kingdom and remained to the Royal Mysore Family until the capture in the year 1799 by the British.


Mughal Invasion


The area of Kempegowda Bus Terminal was once a lake

Also known as Majestic Bus Stand, the terminal is one of the most glorious spots of the city with a history of 50 more than 50 years. But little do people know that there stood an ancient lake dating back to the 13th century, which was in use till the late 1800s.


Kempegowda Bus Terminal


The migrant population is more than the natives

The population of the native people of Karnataka or the Kannadigas is less than 41% of the whole population in the city.





It is known that the city of Bangalore was known before as Bengalval – Uru, which means “the city of the guard”


Bangalore City


Winston Churchill still owes Rs13 to a club in Bangalore

This might seem funny, but according to the records, the former UK Prime Minister owes an amount of Rs.13 as an unpaid bill to a Bangalore Club which was started in the year 1868 by the British.




The city has the most number of two-wheelers in the world

To traverse through the heavy traffic and scorching sun, there is no better option than a 2 wheeler ride which can get you to your destination much faster.




The ‘Bangalored’

Well, that’s not a past tense word. It is the word frequently used by the Americans to refer to the workers who moved to Bangalore through IT outsourcings for being laid off.




The city is known for its cultural and linguistic diversity

With youth from all over the country flowing into the city with better career prospects, the city is indeed a hub of cultural diversity.




The city has a higher altitude than some of the renowned hill stations

With an altitude of 930m, the city is way high above sea level than hill stations like Dehradun.


Bangalore City



Well, this is our list of Incredible facts about Bangalore. Every fact mentioned above is authentic and unique to our city which gives us all a piece of heritage and culture. It is our responsibility to keep up the integrity and the value of our city to the maximum and reduce the chances of negative impacts.

We should be able to provide more memorable and enjoyable experiences for our next generation to witness and experience our city’s marvel and to uphold the legacy left behind. We should also be able to close the gap and build meaningful connections and bonds with our neighboring states and everyone who comes into our Sate so that we have a better understanding of their local culture and to help each other overcome social and environmental issues and benefit mutually.

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