Things To Do In Kodachadri – Definitive Guide

The best thing about Kodachadri is the hike and the highest trek point in the Kodachadri Peak. Then is the adventurous safari in the jeep and a visit to the amazing Malpe Beach.


About Kodachadri

A Mountain situated at the peak in the Western Ghats of Shimoga holds one of breathtaking view and experience throughout its trails on the various tracks on the fascinating landscapes. Mookambika is a holy place believed to be the place of origin of Goddess Mookambika and hence is named as Mookambika Temple.




How To Reach Kodachadri?

The location of Kodachadri is near Kollur in the district of Shimoga in Karnataka. Kodachadri is an accessible place through Air, Train and Road. Mangalore Airport is the nearest Airport to Kodachadri, which is 153Km away. The availability of jeeps has increased which takes a tough but adventurous trip to the trek point or the peak point of Kodachadri. One of the best ways to move to Kodachadri is by road on a self-driving journey or by the well connected buses throughout the state. Summer is said to be the ideal time to visit this wonderful place.


1. From Bangalore to Kodachadri

The distance between Bangalore to Kodachadri is around 420Km, with the taken as almost 9 hours of travel by road as well as availability of Buses as well.

2.From Mumbai to Kodachadri

The distance between Mumbai and Kodachadri is 780 Km with almost 15 hours of journey.

3. From Hyderabad to Kodachadri

The distance between Hyderabad to Kodachadri is almost same as Mumbai as it is 744 Km away with a journey of almost 15 hours.


How to reach Kodachadri


What Are The Best Places To Visit In Kodachadri?

The best place to visit in Kodachadri is the trail and the trek activities. The mountain peak is situated in the mid of the Mookambika National Forest with various amazing flora and fauna which would give a wonderful view between the forest area. It is one of the famous destinations of the famous temple, Mookambika Temple in Kollur. It is another must visit place in the journey to Kodachadri. Other than the famous temple of Mookambika, another sacred place is the Sarvajna Peetha, where it is known to be the place of meditation of the magnificent philosopher Adi Shankaracharya


best places to visit in Kodachadri


What Are The Happening Places In Kodachadri?

Kodachadri is classified as a National heritage location and hence the forest is an attraction there. Mookambika can be said as the crowded place of all since a lot of believers and disciples come from across the nation and wide to visit this holy temple and also the Sarvajna Peetha. The most happening place is definitely the Trek and the jeep safari with a visit to the Hudluman falls and Arasinagundi Falls.


What are the happening places in Kodachadri


How Safe Is Kodachadri As A Solo Women Traveller?

It is certainly a safe place for the women travellers. There are a large number of crowds who goes for the trekking and hiking trail activities on weekdays and more during weekends. The Temple of Mookambika is said to be a really crowded area with mostly women who come to visit the temple from the faraway places.

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