The region of Varkala is one of the major tourist and commercial place in the city of Trivandrum of Gods Own Country, Kerala. In the year 2019, Varkala Beach is selected to be the second most stunning cliff beach in the world. It is known for its exposure on the sedimentary rocks that belongs to the Cenozoic Age, which is known in the Geological Literature as the Warkalli Formation. Varkala is noted as the only cliff in the state of Kerala that is found to be adjacent to the majestic Arabian Sea. It is a magnificent and well known tourist attraction from around the world. The Varkala Beach is an ideal beach with the part covered in its golden sand. The Ayurvedic and the Yoga treatments and various other self awareness sessions conducted here attract a major part of the tourists to give a peaceful mindset other than just the mood of the enjoyment of the trip. The best time to visit Varkala would be to visit during the winter covered month, between the month of October and the month of March

How to reach VARKALA?

The Trivandrum International Airport is the nearest airport to Varkala, which is 39Km away. There are flights available from all places to the Trivandrum Airport. And a number of taxis are available near the airport including the Airport Taxis and Private Taxis and also the online cab services from the Trivandrum International Airport. There is also Varkala Helipad, which is situated at the Varkala Cliff for helicopter services. There is Varkala Railway Station situated in the region, which is the second busiest railway station in Trivandrum.
Varkala is situated 9Km away from National Highway 66. There are Kerala State Transport Buses as well as the Private buses available via various places to Varkala.

From Bangalore to VARKALA
The distance between Bangalore and Varkala is around 685Km and takes almost 14 hours of journey via road. There are buses available from Bangalore to Trivandrum; hence it would be easy to move to Varkala.
There are direct flights available from Bangalore to the Trivandrum International Airport, and one could always choose an airport taxi or a bus from the airport to reach out to the location.
There are trains available from Bangalore to the Railway Station of Trivandrum as well as to Varkala Railway Station.

From Mumbai to VARKALA
The distance between very long with a distance of 1,677Km, which would a journey of more than a day itself, if continuous. And hence this option is suggestible if a week trip is planned.
There are direct flights available from Mumbai to Trivandrum International Airport.
There are trains available from Mumbai to Trivandrum.

From Hyderabad to VARKALA
The distance between Hyderabad and Varkala is 1,261Km, which would take 22 and half hour of travel via road.
There are connected trains available from Hyderabad to Trivandrum.
There are flights available from Hyderabad Airport to Trivandrum International Airport.

Things to do in VARKALA
  1. It is an amazing place to enjoy a trip. There are many places in this location that provides Yoga and Ayurveda Therapies in the various centres and resorts located there.
  2. There are various handicraft and art workshops conducted, which mostly attracts the tourists.
  3. Shopping is another source to do in this area. There are various shacks set up near the North Cliff, with various kinds of jewellery and crafts etc.
  4. Canoe trip along the backwaters around Varkala is another major attraction.
  5. One should not leave the place without trying the seafood of the area filled with the multi cuisines cooperated with the Kerala traditional flavours
Varkala River Rafting
What are the best places to visit in VARKALA?
  • Varkala beach
    The beach is covered with the stunning cliffs with the golden sand.
  • Varkala cliff
    It is described as the most iconic place as the cliff meets the Arabian Sea. The Red sandstones cliff is another amazing view.
  • Yoga and ayurveda
    There are various yoga classes provided here, as well as ayurveda treatments. People from around the world come to Kerala for the Ayurveda Treatment. It can be described as one of the most variety thing to do.
  • Kappil backwaters
    Taking a boat trip on a houseboat in the backwaters is worth the go for. It gives a magical journey through the waters with the views. The Kappil Backwaters is 6Km away from Varkala.
  • Ajengo fort
    Used by the Portuguese as a trading spot for the goods and later by the British, this Fort was built in the 17th century, which still stands till date without any major damages.
What are the happening places in VARKALA?
  • The Red Cliff & white sandy beach
    Being the only place in Kerala, adjacent to the Arabian Sea, the cliff offers the mesmerising view of the Arabian Sea. The best time would be in the early morning to view the sunrise and during the sunset where the shades of the sun meet the sky and the sea together in an authentic moment.
    The speciality about this temple is that it is a 2000 year old Vishnu temple and also a major pilgrim spot for the believers. It is famous for its historic traditional architecture.
    It is famously known to be the final resting place of Sree Narayana Guru, situated on the top of the Sivagiri Hill in 200 acres of land.
How safe is VARKALA as a solo women traveller?

The place is a peaceful and comfortable place for any travellers. But there are disturbances caused to the travellers by the locals during the night time.

Which is the best beach in VARKALA?

The Varkala Beach is known as the best beach in Varkala, set amidst its beauty with the stretch of the gorgeous sand unlike the other beaches in the city of Trivandrum. This beach is also known as “Papanasam Beach”, which also means “Destroyer of Sins”.  There are various adventurous activities such as Windsurfing, Paragliding etc available as the adventure spot in this area.