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7 Best Beaches in Karnataka to Visit in 2024

Wondering where to go to relax and chill this weekend? Excited about getting your toes covered in the sand? Want to feel the breeze in your hair? We’ve got you covered!

There’s nothing like a beach where the golden sand meets the sea and the sea meets the sky. Here’s a list of the top 7 best beaches in Karnataka. 

Karnataka is well known for following various traditions and is rich in culture and heritage. A land of vibrant colours, indigenous cultures, and various dialects is a traveller’s paradise. Most importantly, it is famous for its pristine, serene and amazing beaches.

Karnataka has always had something beautiful to offer from beautiful landscapes to rich cultural heritage, sumptuous delicacies to exquisite beaches. Karnataka’s beaches extend from Karwar in the north to Mangalore in the south.  So, let’s begin our journey and get lost in the solitude and tranquillity of these breathtaking beaches of Karnataka.


1. Paradise Beach, Gokarna


Paradise Beach Gokarna


Paradise Beach also known as the “FULL MOON BEACH”, the iridescent sunsets at this beach are indeed a sight to behold. It is 150 metres long and most of the beach is completely covered with rocks. The ripples in the blue water and the golden sand will mesmerize your eyes.

Escape those city lights and enjoy the calm breeze and warm salty waters to relax your nerves. And not to mention, indulge in the mouth-watering cuisine at the stalls and cafes at the beach.

Treasure the sunsets and purple-pink skies memories at this enchanting beach. It is surely a paradise on earth. One of the famous beaches in Gokarna, click those sun-kissed photos you have been dreaming of with your friends and loved ones.

Feel the mesmerising beauty of Paradise Beach in the evening. Watching the sunset meet the horizon on the beach is heavenly bliss!


Location: Gokarna, Karnataka, 495 km from Bangalore

Best time to visit:  The best time to visit the beach is between the autumn and summer months i.e. October to March. The weather is pleasant and not too hot or sticky.

Things to do at the beach: Relax by the beach, kite flying, play beach ball, do yoga, picnic, camping or water sports.


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2. Maravanthe Beach, Kundapura


Maravanthe Beach Kundapura


Maravanthe Beach is located 12kms from Kundapura, a pristine beach that has not been harmed by humans. Surrounded by the Kodachadri Hills, the dreamy view is one of the best reasons to visit this beach.

Even at night, the beach is a marvellous sight for the eyes as the street lights reflect on the water. The beach is safe for swimming. The one thing that attracts the visitors is the delicious & savoury food that is served out here!

Walking on this calm, pristine beach gives a panoramic view of the ocean blue waters, soothing waters and the stunning mountains that cover the beach.

One has so many ways to spend time on the beach from basking in the sun to scuba diving and so on. Rich in marine life, the water in the Maravanthe beach is great for swimming in the serene waves. Never miss the glorious sunsets at this famous beach.


Location: Kundapura, Karnataka, 441 km from Bangalore

Best time to visit:  The best time to visit the beach would be between September and March i.e. autumn to the summer after the monsoon season as these seasons are ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and sightseeing.

Things to do at the beach:  swimming, scuba diving, shopping, water sports.


3. Karwar Beach, Uttara Kannada


Karwar Beach Uttara Kannada


Karwar is a hamlet located in Uttara Kannada in Karnataka. This hamlet is renowned for its temples, forts and beaches that attract travellers around the world throughout the year.

Located about 15 km south of the border between Karnataka and Goa. 516 km away from Bangalore, the stunning beaches in Karwar are a great getaway for anyone who wants to unwind during the weekend.

Adventure might not be everyone’s cup of tea, so those who love to sit by the beach and read a book to have that special “me-time”, Karwar beach is one of the best places to begin.

Also known as Rabindranath Tagore Beach, 22-year-old Tagore visited Karwar when he stayed with his brother. His first play ‘Prakritir Pratishodh was inspired by this beach.

The beach has a park for children to play in, a toy train, an aquarium, and a lovely fountain. This beach is comfortable and uncrowded for those who love some sunshine.  A perfect beach to hang out with friends and family. 

This beach is great for a good swim as the waters are not deep. Another highlight of this beach is that the Karavali Utsav, a 4-day event is held every year from December and January. 

This festival showcases the culture, exhibitions, music and local art of the coast. This beach attracts a lot of travellers around the world due to its crescent shape that brings about great sunrises and sunsets. The local cuisine is delectable.


Location: Karwar, Karnataka, 516 km from Bangalore

Best time to visit: The best time to visit would be during the autumn and summer months i.e October to February. The water is calm, which is good for swimming and water sports.

Things to do at the beach:  Swimming, jet ski, photography, playing games, water sports.


4. Ullal Beach, Mangalore


Ullal beach


Allow yourself to relax and unwind like the waves, Ullal beach never fails to impress tourists as it is one of the famous beaches in Mangalore. The coast is surrounded by trees and plantations, and with the scenic view of the beach, it is breathtaking to see and a great memory to remember.

The beach is an excellent spot for water sports. It has a long stretch of golden sand and a cool breeze that adds to its beauty. It is set in Casuarina groves.

So get ready to create awesome memories at the Ullal beach! Apart from the beach, do indulge in the savoury and delicious seafood served at the restaurants.

Ullal is also famous for various other attractions like Someshwara Temple, St. Sebastian’s Church, Queen Abakka’s Fort at Ranipura and Summer Sands Beach Resort. A trip to Ullal beach will surely help you to relax and be calm and forget the hassle of everyday life. 


Location: Mangalore, Karnataka, 354 km from Bangalore, 55 min from Bangalore to Mangalore by air.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit is during the winter to spring months i.e. from December to February, the beach would be less crowded and it will help to have a peaceful and calm time at the beach.

Things to do at the beach: Relax by the beach, bask in the sun, take a swim, nature walks, jet ski, water sports.


5. Kudle Beach, Gokarna


Kudle Beach Gokarna


Kudle Beach in Gokarna is renowned for its mesmerizing charm and exquisite beauty. Surrounded by tall coconut trees that resemble the letter ‘C’.

The atmosphere at this beach is very peaceful and calm, it is the best place for solitude lovers. Watching the sunsets and sunrises are a delight for the eyes. You can either sit at the shore and gaze at the beautiful sunsets or the never-ceasing tides.

Enjoy a stroll around the beach either in the early morning or the evening. You can also plan night camping at some shacks or bamboo huts at this beach. You will get amazing shots of silhouettes of the water glistening under the moonlight.

Some travellers spent the night at the beach to listen to the sound of the waves. Kudle Beach is an ideal spot for both solo travellers and adventurous travellers.


Location: Gokarna, Karnataka, 490 km from Bangalore.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit would be from November to February i.e autumn to the summer months.

Things to do at the beach: Jet skiing, kayaking, watersports, camping, swimming, basking in the sun, sightseeing, photography, playing games.


6. Panambur Beach, Mangalore


Panambur Beach


Panambur Beach is one of the most popular and most visited beaches in Mangalore. It is located at a distance of 10km from Mangalore and is on the shores of the Arabian Sea. It is one of the first beaches in India to be owned privately by a company, the Panambur Beach Tourism Development Project.

Known to be one of the safest and well-maintained beaches, is also famous for its alluring sunsets. The beach offers all sorts of activities like camel rides, horse rides, buggy rides.

Tourists also get involved in some exciting water sports like parasailing, jet ski, dolphin viewing, surfing, boating and so on. Several lifeguards keep a watch on beachgoers, making the beach very safe. Golden sand, salty breeze and alluring sunsets add more joy and happiness.

The beach is famous for conducting various activities include boat races, beach sports and sand sculpture contests. The International Kite Festival is conducted at this beach where travellers come from all over the world.

Other kite festivals are also organized by the local authorities during the last week of April. The beach is one of the famous spots in Mangalore. Never miss out on Panambur Beach when you come to Mangalore. Treasure those kite flying photos with your friends and family.


Location: Kullai Mangaluru, Karnataka, 357 km from Bangalore, 55 min away from Bangalore to Mangalore by air.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit this beach is from the autumn to the summer months i.e from November to June.

International Kite Festival: One of the best reasons to visit the Panambur beach is the International Kite Festival, various teams from all over the world come to participate and showcase different kinds of vibrant and colourful kites.

Each kite could be based upon its theme or culture. The sizes and shapes could vary from team to team. Watching the colourful kites is indeed a visual feast for the eyes.

Things to do at the beach: Parasailing, jet skiing, boat rides, kite flying, camel rides, horse rides, surfing, water sports.


7. Malpe Beach, Udupi


Malpe Beach Udupi


One of the exquisite unexplored beaches in India is Malpe Beach. It is located 6 km from Udupi in Karnataka and 66 km from Mangalore. The pristine silver-white sand, pleasant weather, the food is enticing at these food shacks.

The sea walk around Malpe Beach is an ideal spot for an escape from busy, crowded city life.

The vast coast of Karnataka is covered by four rocky islands. The northern-most island is the Daria-Bahadurgad, the middle one is Daria- Gadara-Kullu while the southernmost island is the Kari-Illada-Kallu.

The fourth and fine one is St. Mary’s Island, the most famous and frequently visited one. This beach is close to the Udayvara River that flows around this beach and is commonly known as the Malpe River by the locals.

Many activities like riding a camel or jet skiing, water sports are available. Enjoy the orange-red sunsets over the azure blue waters, take a dip in the beach, take a stroll on the beach with your friends and loved ones, read your favourite book or listen to your favourite piece of music.

Few fishing boats can be seen on the beach that adds up to the scenic beauty of the beach. The long stretch of golden coast, palm trees swaying in the breeze, the clear blue skies, and the azure blue waters of the Arabian Sea all set a great mood for a perfect holiday.

Malpe Beach is also the venue for the famous Spring Zouk festival that showcases amazing DJs, art, savoury cuisines, and vibrant culture which is a major tourist attraction. The festival takes place in February.


Location: Udupi, Karnataka, 409 km from Bangalore

Best time to visit: October to January is the best time to visit Malpe when the weather is pleasant, and the clear skies make sure that you have the most benefit from your fun trip by getting involved in all the water sports that are provided here. Avoid visiting the beach during the summer months or the monsoon season.

Things to do at the beach: Relax by the beach, fishing, boating, kayaking, rock climbing, reading a book, listening to music.


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Other Popular Beaches in Karnataka

  • Om Beach, Gokarna
  • Someshwar Beach, Mangalore
  • Kaup Beach, Udupi
  • Devbagh Beach, Karwar
  • Nirvana Beach, Gokarna
  • Kodi Beach, Udupi

Most of the people in the world love to spend their holiday on a beach. While others love beach vacations as it feels like heaven on earth. Not to mention, some people are into adventure, they love jet-skiing, surfing, parasailing, kayaking and so on.

So what are you waiting for? Explore any of these beautiful beaches and make memorable memories with your friends and family.

No matter where we go, we should keep in mind that it is our responsibility that we should take care of the environment around us. Make sure to not litter plastic around the beach and carry eco-friendly bags.

These small steps could make a big impact in saving the planet. Like a single drop of water makes the ocean, every small change could make a big difference!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Are there any beaches near Bengaluru?

Bengaluru is a city that is surrounded by land. So there are no beaches within the city. However, there are some beaches like Tannirbhavi beach in Mangalore and Paradise beach in Gokarna which are near to Bengaluru. You can explore these beaches on a holiday or at a weekend.


Q2. How many beaches are there in Karnataka?

There are more than 15 beautiful beaches in Karnataka. They are well-maintained and serene because of the amenities available there by the local authorities. Most people often visit the ones in Gokarna, Mangalore and Udupi.


Q3. Which are the best beaches in Mangalore?

Mangalore’s best beaches are Panambur Beach, Ullal Beach, Tannirbhavi Beach and Someshwar Beach.


Q4. How will I reach Karnataka to explore the beaches?

Two international airports are covering the coastline are Mangalore and Bengaluru. To begin your journey, you need to take a train from Bengaluru by night and a bus to the coastal area. Mangalore is easier to commute.


Q5. Where does the sea borderline on the coast?

The Arabian Sea borders the Karnataka coast. With the breathtaking beauty of nature, Karnataka is well known for its magnificent sunsets at its famous beaches.


Written by: Jenita K

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