There are a lot of places in and around Bangalore one should definitely visit. Beginning with the restaurants to the amazing parks, hill stations and much more.
    • METRO
      Traffic is a major issue in the highly populated city of Bangalore. And hence, the metro is a relief to everyone. Take ride in the metro to the various places for easy travelling.
    • BMTC
      The BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) is the cheapest way to travel around with the buses, but time would definitely be an issue being in the traffic of Bangalore.
    • 2 WHEELER
      2 Wheelers are the best way to explore the city street to street. It wouldn’t help incompletely escaping from the traffic, but it’s a relief with better escape plan. But make sure that you wear a helmet before taking a ride.
    Spread across 240acres of land, Lalbagh is home to large number of more than 1000 species of the flora, which are even 1000 years older. Any nature admirer must take a ride to for a casual walk through this amazing garden.
    Bangalore is known for the trekking places around the place. There are various trekking peaks, hill stations around Bangalore for any trekkers and adventure lovers.
    There are famous malls like the Orion Mall, Garuda Mall which famous in the city. If not for shopping, the malls provide a really good ambience for spending time with family and friends in the game area and the food courts.
    There are various amazing places such as the Commercial Street, MG Road, Brigade Road, Chikpet etc which are famous for being the shopping areas. This would be a perfect place for the shopaholics to explore. There are number of choices with various materials easily available in all categories of prices from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. Being in Bangalore, one should never miss a chance to do shopping from these places.
    The famous stadium known for hosting the various International Matches, IPL, Music concerts, events and much more with a seating capacity for more than 36,000 people. Any passionate cricket lover must watch a match from this very stadium. It is also the home turf of the Bangalore IPL Team, Royal Challengers Bangalore.
    It is the ideal place for the art and theatre lovers to watch a perfect play or a drama. It is an idealistic place to enjoy the exploration of a drama or a play.
    The wonderful place of the Wonder world. Take a trip to this amazing amusement park, which is definitely going to light up the day of any adventure lover. There are more than 50 kinds of rides including the water and the open rides with various thrilling rides not just for the elders but also available for kids as well.
    People party more!! Possible right? Well, Bangalore is known to be the place for the parties and the pubs. There are various pubs in the city that could give you the best vibe on the theme. Never miss out a chance to go to a pub.
    Try out the restaurants that provide various cuisines from around the world beginning with the Chinese, Asian to the native cuisines. There are various theme based restaurants in Bangalore that are the best places for the food lovers.
    The options of adventures increase along with what one seeks for. There are a large number of facilities that provide the adventurous activities such as the cycling, go-Karting and much more.  “Adventurers make the list and step out to enjoy!!!!”


Ride to BR HillsMarch 6th & 7th, 2021