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How to Plan Corporate Events Effectively?

Planning an event is a big deal. It requires effort and cooperation from everyone involved in the group to make it a success. And when it comes to planning corporate events, the stakes are higher, with the busy lives corporates lead, juggling between life and deadlines. But corporate events too have an important role to play in their lives, and hence cannot be ignored at once. So, in this article, we will be discussing how to plan corporate events, considering the high stakes and significance of carrying out such events.

Understand the Purpose of the Event

Before getting on with the planning, it is important to understand why you are hosting such an event. Be it for team building, recreation, or relaxation, you must have specific goals in your mind to plan a corporate event to success. There must be certain objectives that you have to gain at the end of the trip. At such a rate you can have the perfect event that does not divert much from your expectations.

If you are planning for an event that is meant for leisure and fun times with your colleagues, you must choose the place and activities accordingly so that you achieve the outcomes you desire. For example, if you are aiming for a team-building event, you can go for a camping trip or trekking, as these kinds of activities are best known for bringing people together, hence, the team will bond much better. Therefore, if you plan with the objectives and goals set in place, the initial stages of planning will go smoothly and easily. Hence, set your priorities right from the beginning.

Know the Participants and What They Want

Since it would be a group event, it would include all kinds of people with different views and opinions. Involving those who will be participating in the event is important since it is for them that you are hosting the event. Inquire about the participants, how they would like the event to be, and what they are expecting from you, the host. This could make your task a little easier as you will get some points to start from.

objective of corporate event

You can ask your colleagues directly or have them inform you what they are looking for in such an event. You will have to communicate clearly with the participants in order to get accurate responses. You can even assign people who are more familiar with the group too, to get to know the desires of your team. Also, always make sure that the team goes along well with each other. This is to ensure that the event will be enjoyable for everyone alike. 

Choose the Dates

Choosing the date for the event will be yet another hassle that you will have to tackle. If it is a big group you are dealing with, choosing the dates would become all the more difficult. Since all the people you have in the group have their own lives and matters, there will surely arise date clashes. In such a case, you will have to make amends and compromises to put the event into motion.

choosing dates

To tackle the situation, firstly, make a list of dates that will work for the company. Even though the event is of a corporate nature, it will be better to be done with near deadlines so that the employees can truly relax without thinking about work. You can circulate that among the group, ask for their opinions and dates that work for them, and then pick the date the majority has opted for.

You can also try to plan the dates before a considerably long time too, to make it easier for the employees to keep their calendars free. Also, if you are picking places that are seasonal in nature, make sure that you are visiting those places at the right time of the year. 

Select and Book the Location

Once you have all the above sorted, you can get to the next task, which is to finalize a location and book the place if necessary. If you are planning the event during the peak tourist seasons, you might have to book the places beforehand, just to be sure. While selecting the locations too, involve the group in the decision-making and go with the choice of the majority if they match your plans and stay within the budget.

While picking the location, you might have to take note of the energy and enthusiasm of the group as well and plan accordingly. If your crowd is young and energetic, you can book locations that ask for challenges and risks. But if that is not the case, you might have to look for places that are not that challenging yet give them the fun and relaxation you are aiming to provide them.

When it comes to choosing the locations, you have a lot to choose from, ranging from trekking and hiking trips to relaxing time spent at resorts and spas. You have a wide range to choose from, depending on the size of the group you are planning to host the event for and their preferences as well. You can even plan for a day at the amusement park too, if that is what the group desires for!

choosing location

Distribute Responsibilities

A corporate event can be brought to success in a systematic and orderly manner if the duties and responsibilities are divided among the group members evenly. The event will go smoothly and without any problems if these duties are given to capable members who can carry out the tasks with care. Since a full event would mean a compilation of many minor tasks, divide them with the group, ask for volunteers, and make it an event right from the stage of planning.

As the host of the event, you would also have to take responsibility for certain matters. You will have to be available and be there when problems arise and prevent any last-minute hassles. Always be in contact with those who have taken responsibility, and work in coordination with them. You can have meetings and internal discussions within this core team to ensure the smooth flow of the event.

internal discussion

Plan the Logistics, Meals, and Activities for the Day

Once everything else is set and ready to go, it is time for you to get started on the logistics, meals, and activities for the day of the event. Since the event would most likely be of an outdoor nature, plan how you will be reaching there. If the team is planning to reach the location in the same vehicle, book those in advance. And yes, traveling time too adds to the overall fun of the event.

The next important element is the planning of meals. The team members can volunteer to prepare and bring home-cooked meals if the group is small and manageable, or you could cook together at the spot if the location allows. You can also reserve your places for meals as well, though cooking a fresh meal outdoors, in the valleys, or on top of mountains would be a fun group activity.

While picking the location itself, you might have some ideas and expectations regarding the activities that would be available at the spot. Now, you will have to pick the activities that suit the group if there are a lot to choose from or add extra ones if there are too less at the spot you have chosen. And you can always go for some spontaneous adventures on the day of the event too.

meals for the day


If you have read till here, you must now have a pretty good idea of how to plan a corporate event. Planning and carrying out an event involve effort and responsibilities. It would not be an easy task, especially if you are dealing with a group of people with diverse natures. Nevertheless, you can plan and execute a perfect corporate event if you follow the tips given above. Though they seem simple at first glance, they require coordination and cooperation from the whole team to a great extent. So, don’t wait long, gather your fellow corporates around and start planning for the next event right away.


Written by: Sameera Ramesh

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