solo female travel destinations in south india

5 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations in South India

As the world is moving at a faster pace with every coming day, it expects you to run with it. But is it how it should be? Stopping for a while to grab a few puffs of fresh air away from the chaos and tensions should be the right way. We would say that getting off the radar of society and the pressures of life is a much-needed luxury in life. A few good moments of liberation and a free mind is the fuel you will need for joining back into the race of the world. And, if you are reading this, this is a sign for you to pack those bags and set out on that solo trip you keep postponing every time.

If you think solo trips are only for the men folks out there, we are happy to correct you, and you are at the right place. Let us suggest you a few of the best solo female travel destinations in South India.

1. Gokarna

The coastal town of Gokarna is a popular solo female travel destination in South India that will leave you smitten to the core. Situated in Karnataka, by the side of the Arabian Sea, Gokarna is the new Goa, loved by most youngsters. The not-so-crowded nature of the place is one of the main reasons that make it a perfect spot for solo trips. The people here, mostly tourists, who just mind their own business are also among the major factors that makes it best for solo female travels.

beach at gokarna

Gokarna is the balanced blend of culture and fun, alluding to the many temples the place also houses. The child in you could enjoy and be free in the cool and clean waters of the beach while the other part of you that craves peace will be satisfied by the temples clad in mesmerizing Dravidian architecture.

A trek through three beaches in Gokarna is a well-sought attraction of the place, which will bring out the sporty side in you while you make new friends on the way. Om Beach and Kudle Beach are among the must-visit spots in Gokarna.

2. Munnar

Among the places in South India that will welcome you to its comfy nature and fresh air, one of the top positions goes to the hill station of Munnar in the heart of Kerala. Situated among the mountain ranges of the Western Ghats, it is the best place you could go on a solo trip and enjoy the scenic and picturesque hill station. Vast areas of tea plantations arranged in such beautiful ways will certainly be a treat to your eyes and calming to your mind. This tourist-friendly spot is also known for its friendly nature to women, making it a safe space for you, if you still got doubts!

munnar tea plantations

Munnar is the perfect getaway from the heat of the mainland. The place offers you serenity and calmness while nature there embraces you with a cold blanket. From homestays to cottages, it also has accommodation options fit for every wallet. Munnar is a place you could visit any time of the year, but with little exception to the monsoon months since the roads could get pretty clumsy during that time of the year. And while you are there, do visit the Eravikulam National Park to see the diverse plants and animals there.

3. Hampi

The ruins of the capital city of the Vijayanagar Empire, one that stood proudly in the past, will enchant you with its history and the architectural marvels you find there. Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the perfect destination for you if you are a fan of history and historical monuments. This dilapidated city will take you back to the glorious past and numerous stories.

hampi solo travel

Situated by the banks of the Tungabhadra River in Karnataka, Hampi has to offer you beautiful temples, scenic sunset points, and places to hike too, apart from the marvelous monuments. And among the temples, the Virupaksha Temple is a must-visit spot if you are in Hampi, which is said to be the oldest shrine. The 56 melodic columns, which produce sounds when tapped are also a spot you must not miss. So, tune in to the melodies of the past and view the world through a rusty old frame with a trip to Hampi.

4. Pondicherry

Pondicherry, or Puducherry is a great spot for solo female travelers, and it attracts a huge number of solo female travelers every year. The once French colony, still retains the French touch in its streets and old buildings. The colorful city which has a hippie vibe to it, attracts many artists and fun-loving people from across the world. The unique cafes in Pondicherry are also great attractions to the place.

pondicherry for solo female travel

In Pondicherry you can find the peaceful blend of French and Indian cultures, which is evident in the vast number of churches and temples the place houses that coexist smoothly. The hippie culture of the town is contrasted with the serene atmosphere of the ashrams there. Enjoying your me-time at Pondicherry will be worth every second you spend there.

The ashram set up by Sri Aurobindo and a French woman, who is known as “the Mother”, Auroville is a must-visit destination in Pondicherry. The beaches there too are worth spending your alone time in, as they hold a different beauty from other beaches. You can also spend some dime shopping for ethnic clothes and souvenirs at the markets too.

5. Varkala

Red cliffs lined with palm trees and beautiful beaches await you in the coastal town of Varkala. Situated in the southern part of Kerala, Varkala is a great tourist attraction of the state. The sandy beaches, old forts, and temples in Varkala will surely trap you within its magic. The lighthouses there too are major attractions, providing you with breathtaking views of the landscape.

varkala beach

Varkala is a budget-friendly trip that will leave you with fantastic memories for the years to come. Amazing views of the sea from the cliff are something that you should never miss. The town also has some good cafes and spots where you could explore the food culture of the place. So, pack your bags for the beautiful sunsets in Varkala.


Solo female travels are on the rise, and the number of places becoming women-friendly is a positive change for the good. South India is home to many such amazing places where you could find your escape and feel rejuvenated. So, don’t hesitate and wait for the perfect moment to come, but make this moment perfect instead; who knows what all great memories and experiences are awaiting there? Grab your bags and set out for the best trip of your life that you will always cherish. Free terrains and clean air are waiting. 


Written by: Sameera Ramesh

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