5 Best Outdoor Rock-Climbing Spots Near Bangalore

outdoor rock climbing bangalore

Who doesn’t love a little adventure once in a while? For all the adventure seekers and fitness enthusiasts out there, this article is just the one you have been missing all this while. Here, you will find some of the best outdoor rock-climbing spots near Bangalore, that you can reach within a few hours, and […]

6 Best Wildlife Safari Locations in Karnataka [2024]

Best Wildlife Safari Locations in Karnataka

Karnataka is known for its rich forests and the variety of wildlife residing within it. The numerous reserves and national parks that are located within the state make it the perfect spot for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike. Similarly popular are the safaris they offer to animal lovers who wish to go deep into nature […]

7 Best Jungle Resorts in Karnataka [2024]

best jungle resorts in karnataka

Nature and its healing powers are second to none. The serene and warm embrace within which it keeps you would be enough to lift your spirits. And Karnataka, being one of South India’s natural beauty has a lot to offer when it comes to presenting its flora and fauna. So, how about planning a trip […]

7 Best Places for Camping Near Bangalore [2024]

places for camping near bangalore

Amidst the fast-paced lifestyle and the city bustle of Namma Bengaluru, it could often be way too hard to skim out an elaborate weekend tour plan to your favorite destinations. Yet, the mind craves in the least for an overnight getaway in a tent under the open night sky to enjoy the moonlight and behold […]

7 Best Resorts for Corporate Outing in Bangalore [2024]


Taking a break from the corporate world once in a while is refreshing and rejuvenating. And where else is better than a beautiful and calm resort packed with fun activities and good food for a corporate outing? So, without further ado, let us check out some of the best resorts for corporate outings in Bangalore. […]

5 Scenic Drives Around Bangalore to Set Out for in 2024

scenic drives around bangalore

As the merriness of the new year still keeps you swiping the calendar, each month carries abundant possibilities for tapping the untapped exploration opportunities at exciting destinations. Who would not love to break free after a weeklong toil? Often, budget constraints may keep you from planning a long getaway somewhere far away. No worries, we […]

15 Best Trekking Places Near Bangalore [2024]

Ramanagara Trek

Looking for the best trekking places near Bangalore? When was the last time you lost your breath in search of a marvel that your eyes are yet to behold? The whole world is tired of holding their breath behind those masks, it is about time you let loose and break free with our list of 15 best trekking

7 Best Beaches in Gokarna You Must Visit in 2024

Best Beaches in Gokarna

Some of the best beaches in Gokarna are known for their scenic landscapes and iridescent sunsets. These breathtaking beaches are sure to hold a place close to your heart and here’s to making great memories. (…)

7 Best Beaches in Karnataka to Visit in 2024

best beaches in karnataka

Wondering where to go to relax and chill this weekend? Excited about getting your toes covered in the sand? Want to feel the breeze in your hair? Love the calming and soothing sound of the waves? (…)