7 Best Luxury Trains in India [With Routes and Prices]

luxury trains in india

Train journeys have a charm of their own which is hard to capture in words. Being the common man’s most affordable companion in travel, it perfectly blends into its journeys the charms of the simple and rustic. But did you know that you could now experience the luxurious and royal in trains? Given below are […]

7 Best Places for 3 Days Trip in South India

best places for 3 days trip in south india

Everyone deserves vacations at some point in time, to break free of the shackles of deadlines and meetings. So, if you are reading this, this is a sign for you to stop procrastinating and book your tickets right away for that long-awaited trip. And if you are still doubtful of your destination, we are here […]

7 Best Resorts for Corporate Outing in Bangalore [2023]


Taking a break from the corporate world once in a while is refreshing and rejuvenating. And where else is better than a beautiful and calm resort packed with fun activities and good food for a corporate outing? So, without further ado, let us check out some of the best resorts for corporate outings in Bangalore. […]

Best Places For One-Day Corporate Team Outing In Bangalore

Corporate events for one day outing

No matter how much you love your job, work can get boring many times. Corporate events are indeed a getaway and refreshment for employees from their busy work schedule and have a relaxed time together with their colleagues. As the city is home to many MNCs and other software companies, there is a need

Why is Team Outing Important for Corporates?


The world of the corporates is indeed a different world of its own. To an outsider, everything might seem fun and fine, but those inside it only truly know how things work there. The never-ending tasks and races towards meeting deadlines are only tips of the iceberg that the corporate world holds. And thus, taking […]

5 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations in South India

solo female travel destinations in south india

Solo female travels are on the rise, and the number of places becoming women-friendly is a positive change for the good. South India is home to many such amazing places where you could find your escape and feel rejuvenated.

5 Scenic Drives Around Bangalore to Set Out for in 2023

scenic drives around bangalore

As the merriness of the new year still keeps you swiping the calendar, each month carries abundant possibilities for tapping the untapped exploration opportunities at exciting destinations. Who would not love to break free after a weeklong toil? Often, budget constraints may keep you from planning a long getaway somewhere far away. No worries, we […]

7 Best Places for Camping Near Bangalore [2023]

places for camping near bangalore

Amidst the fast-paced lifestyle and the city bustle of Namma Bengaluru, it could often be way too hard to skim out an elaborate weekend tour plan to your favorite destinations. Yet, the mind craves in the least for an overnight getaway in a tent under the open night sky to enjoy the moonlight and behold […]

7 Best Places for Bike Ride Near Bangalore [Updated for 2023]

places for bike ride near bangalore

Few things in life can make one happy. A bike ride is definitely one among them. After a bike ride, you’re sure to feel refreshed and experience an exceptional sense of freedom. It is no surprise that most youngsters resort to bike rides to spend their long holidays or even a short weekend. If you […]

15 Best Trekking Places Near Bangalore [2023]

Ramanagara Trek

Looking for the best trekking places near Bangalore? When was the last time you lost your breath in search of a marvel that your eyes are yet to behold? The whole world is tired of holding their breath behind those masks, it is about time you let loose and break free with our list of 15 best trekking