Best Beaches in Gokarna

7 Best Beaches in Gokarna You Must Visit in 2024

Gokarna is undoubtedly one of the beautiful places in India. It is located in the Kumta taluk, Uttar Kannada, Karnataka. It is 483 km from Bangalore, 114 km from Goa, 543 km from Hyderabad, and 547 km from Kerala. Gokarna is renowned for its beautiful beaches.

The best beaches in Gokarna are a treat to the eyes with astonishing views and so much more to indulge oneself in. Gokarna is an amazing place that can be visited with friends and family, newlyweds, or even as a solo traveller.

There are various activities at the best beaches in Gokarna like beach trekking, boat rides, beach camping, snorkelling, yoga at the beach, visiting the Mirjan Fort, parasailing, jet boating, river rafting and so much more.

The beaches are covered with rocks, white sand, palm trees, and coconut trees, enriching their scenic beauty. Several gorgeous temples can be visited at Gokarna too. The local seafood is absolutely delicious at the beachside restaurants and cafes.

Some of the best beaches in Gokarna and the reasons why you should definitely visit them in 2021 are listed below.




Gokarna beach



This beach is a perfect spot for relaxing and engaging in various fun beach activities and water sports. The shores of this beach are also well known for their white sands and rental cottages. The view of the Arabian sea is very mesmerising.

Picnics with family or camping with friends are a great option at this beach or one can just stay on the shores of the beach and gaze at the beautiful night sky. The main attractions near this beach are the Mirjan Fort, a hike from Gokarna to Kumta, and the Aghanashini River.

There are also a lot of places to stay and eat near this beach which eases accessibility. The best time to visit this beach is between October to March in order to avoid bad climate conditions and crowding on the beach.


Half moon beach


This beach is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and is so-called because its geographical appearance takes the shape of a half-moon. It is also considered as one of the best beaches in Gokarna having some of the most attractive sights including the astounding view of the sunrise and sunsets.

This beach can be visited by a trek from Om beach which is a thrilling experience. Local food is available at the beach shacks which is a must-try.

The activities one can enjoy here are canoeing, paddle boating, paintball, camping and much more. It is located 5 km away from the bus stop in Gokarna. The best time to visit this beach is from October to March i.e. from autumn to summer.


Om Beach


This beach is called ‘Om beach’ as its geographical appearance resembles the spiritual symbol ‘om’ and is considered to be very auspicious to the locals. This beach is a paradise for photographers because of its scenic delights.

Some of the adventurous activities here are banana boat rides, bumper boat rides, dolphin spotting, jet skiing, fishing, trekking and speed boating. The main attraction here is the sunrise and sunset. It is 6.5 km from the nearest bus station at Gokarna.

The other nearby attractions are the Anshi National park, Koti Theertha, and the Mahabaleshwar Temple. There are various places to stay and places to eat near this beach. The best time to visit this beach is from October to March.


Kudle Beach


This beach is a perfect place for solo travellers who seek solitude as it has a quiet environment with serene natural beauty. This beach is covered by tall coconut trees and its geographical appearance resembles the shape of the letter ‘C’.

The exciting activities here are kayaking, jet-skiing, banana boat rides, and night camping at bamboo huts. The nearest bus station is the Gokarna bus stand at Bangla Gudda. There are a couple of cottages and beach resorts for accommodation near the beach and restaurants to enjoy the local food at.

The best time to visit this beach is from November to February. Photographers can get beautiful images of the sea and its landscape at this beach and hence, it is also known as ‘Photographers Paradise’.


Paradise beach


This beach is also known as the ‘Full Moon Beach’ being 150 metres long and is covered in hard rocks and pristine white sands. A freshwater well at this beach is one of the reasons that makes camping a favourite activity for the visitors as they can indulge in cooking, star gazing, take a walk on the shores of the beach and spend the night at the camps.

This beach can be reached after a small hike from the ‘Half Moon’ beach. There is also a small hill station near this beach called ‘Yanna’ located on the Sahyadri hills, which is known for its rich biodiversity.

There are also beautiful places to stay by the beach and restaurants which serve mouth-watering local food. This beach is a great spot for relaxation and finding peace. The best time to visit this beach is between October and March i.e from autumn to summer months.


Nirvana Beach


This beach is best suited for those who look for peace, solitude, and a quiet environment with a beautiful sea view. Picnics with family and friends can be enjoyed on this beach, one can also dive into the beautiful cool waters of this beach and enjoy a refreshing time.

This beach has a spectacular view of sunrise and sunsets which can be witnessed. The activities here are swimming, having a picnic and more. The nearest bus station is 10 km from the beach which involves a ferry route.

There are homestays and other places to stay and to savour the delicious local seafood near the beach. The best time to visit this beach is from November to February.


Baada Beach


This beach is considered one of the best and cleanest beaches in Gokarna. One can come to this beach after a trek from Kirki to Gokarna which is an exciting adventure. This beach is 16 km away from the nearest bus station via a ferry route.

It has a mesmerising view with hills on both sides covered with rocks and is a refreshing break from all the other attractions in Gokarna. The beauty of this beach is said to be breathtaking and trekking is the most preferred activity at this beach.

There are several beach resorts and other places to stay near the beach. This beach attracts a lot of tourists as it is clean and has a calm environment. The best time to visit this beach is from November to February.


If you are looking for a destination to relax, find peace and indulge yourself in fun activities, then Gokarna is the right place to start with. The best beaches in Gokarna not only have an astonishing view but also fun activities and so much more.

Trekking is one of the most preferred activities in Gokarna. There are also other thrilling activities which include hiking, rafting, kayaking, speed boat riding, camping, going on long nature walks or just star gazing at the beaches.

The beautiful beaches are serene and unique in their own different ways and will serve you with unforgettable memories that last for a whole lifetime. Hit the beaches of Gokarna and indulge yourself in all the adventurous activities and everything else it has to provide.

The best time to go on a tour to Gokarna which is filled with blissful beaches and pilgrimage centres would be from October to March as it is the district’s post-monsoon and winter seasons. Gokarna is a place full of vibrant locations and explicit culture, it is totally worth visiting!






1. Which is the best beach in Gokarna?

There are around 10 beaches in Gokarna and all of them are unique and beautiful. Baada beach is one of the cleanest beaches in  Gokarna. The other known beaches are Gokarna beach, Om beach, Half moon beach, Kudle beach, Paradise beach, Nirvana beach, Small Hell beach, Belekan beach, and Alvekodi beach.


2. How many beaches are in Gokarna?

There are 5 main beaches in Gokarna namely, Gokarna beach, Kudle beach, Om beach, Half moon beach, and Paradise beach.


3. What is the best time to visit Gokarna?

The best time to visit Gokarna is from October to March in order to avoid bad climatic conditions and tourist crowds. This period is also suitable as it is the district’s post-monsoon and winter seasons.


4. What is Gokarna famous for?

Gokarna is famous for its beautiful beaches with pristine waters, adventurous activities, landscapes with early morning and evening sightseeing, water sports, and pilgrimage centres.


5. What is the famous food in Gokarna?

All kinds of seafood are famous in Gokarna and are a must-try. Fresh catch from the sea tossed with distinct spices is the main delight not to miss in Gokarna. Food from the beach shacks is truly delicious and unique in its own way.


6. Is Gokarna better than Goa?

Gokarna and Goa are both beautiful destinations, Gokarna is comparatively less crowded and less commercialised than Goa making it a better place to visit.


7. Is Gokarna a party place?

Gokarna is filled with excitement, fun, and entertainment and is also appropriate for parties. Nightlife at Gokarna is full of exuberant fun and entertainment. Staying overnight on the shores of the beach or at the beach shacks is an exciting experience.


8. How far is Goa from Gokarna?

The distance from Goa to Gokarna by road is 144 km and by flight is 86 km.


9. Which is the fastest way to travel from Bangalore to Gokarna?

A bus from Bangalore to Gokarna takes 7 hours 40 minutes to reach and is considered the fastest means of travel.


10. What can I buy in Gokarna?

There are several organic and herbal stores, handicrafts, spices, pooja paraphernalia, musical instruments and so much more to shop in Gokarna.


Written by: Shreya D

Edited by: Jenita K

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